About the new automation editor [BETA]

The new automation editor is in beta and does not yet include all the features from the classic editor. It is currently accessible to a select group of users, but will be available to all users in the coming months.

To offer you a better experience when building automations, we have launched a new version of the automation editor. We've gathered everything you need to get the hang of this updated editor ⬇️ .

Key functionalities of the new automation editor

🎯 Drag & Drop simplicity

Effortlessly organize your automation steps with a user-friendly canvas. Simply drag and drop steps to rearrange them or insert new steps between existing ones.

🖼️ Visual clarity on canvas

Enjoy a clear visual representation of your automation process. Understand at a glance when and what your customers will experience, all presented in an easy-to-follow visual format.

📖 Organized library

Triggers, actions, and rules are thoughtfully organized for easy access. Build your automation with a streamlined process, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.

✉️ Integrated email design

Design your emails seamlessly within the editor itself. No need to switch interfaces when setting up the Send an email step—keep your creative process uninterrupted.

📊 Dedicated workspace for statistics

Access the most recent statistics for your automation right from the editor. See who's started, finished, or is currently going through your automation. You can also track who's opened or clicked your emails and more.

Overview of the new automation editor

To access the new automation editor:

  1. Go to Automations.
  2. Click Create an automation.
  3. Select the new automation editor by clicking Use the new editor [Beta].
  4. Set up your automation details.
  5. Click Create automation.

You'll then see the following interface:


Top bar Sidebar Canvas

At the top of your screen, you will find the following options:


🔠 Automation name

View the name of your automation.

↩️ Undo and ↪️ Redo
  • Click the Undo icon ↩️ to cancel the last action you did in the editor.
  • Click the Redo icon ↪️  to reverse the last undo you did in the editor.
💾 Last save (date and time)

View the last time your automation was auto-saved.

⏯️ Automation status

View the current status of your automation and change it if needed:

  • Active / Activate automation
    New contacts who match at least one of the triggers will enter your automation.
  • Paused / Pause automation
    New contacts won't enter the automation, but active contacts will continue going through the steps.
  • Inactive / Deactivate automation
    New contacts won't enter the automation, and active contacts will be removed.
🚪 Quit

Quit the automation editor. The last version of your automation will be automatically saved before you leave the page.

Add and move the steps in your automation

Add a step Move a step Duplicate a step Delete a step

You can drag and drop the steps from the Builder section directly onto the canvas of your automation. The spots where the steps can go are highlighted by a purple zone.


💡 Good to know
Triggers can only be placed in the first row of the automation and are mandatory to let new contacts enter the automation.

Configure and save the information of a step

After adding a step to your automation, you'll need to configure its settings. Each step has its own settings, such as choosing a list or editing an email. Then, make sure you save the step.



If a step has been updated without being saved, an orange circle will be shown at its top-right.

automations_quit_warning-message_en-us.jpg If you leave the editor without saving a step, a message will be displayed to remind you of which steps need to be saved.

⏭️ What's next?

🤔 Have a question?

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