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Set up call routing

💡 Good to know
This feature is only available for Phone pro users.

Call routing allows you to transfer a call to a different phone number or to team members. This ensures that clients contact the most suitable team member available to answer their queries. By using call routing, you can improve your productivity and increase client satisfaction.

⚙️ Set up call routing on your phone line

To set up call routing on a phone line:

  1. Go to Calls > Phone lines.
  2. Click Settings next to your phone line.
  3. Toggle Set up call routing.
  4. Select the type of call routing you want to set up:

📲 Forward to another number

If the call goes unanswered, it gets forwarded to another mobile or landline number of your choice.

  1. Select the country code and enter the phone number you wish to forward the call.
  2. Select how long the call should ring before it gets forwarded.

If the call goes unanswered again, it goes to the voicemail of the number you've chosen. If that number has no voicemail set up, then the caller gets the voicemail from the original phone line, if you've set it up.

👥 Forward to team members

The call gets directly forwarded to one or several team members on this phone line. You can use sequential or simultaneous forwarding.

Sequential forwarding Simultaneous forwarding

The call gets forwarded to selected team members in your chosen order. If the first person doesn't answer, the next person gets the call, and so on.

💡 Good to know
When you select sequential forwarding, the ring time before voicemail is deactivated, as there is already a ring time before each forwarding.
  1. Select Sequential forwarding.
  2. Click Manage team members.
  3. Select up to 10 team members to receive the call in your chosen order.
  4. Optional: Drag and drop the names to rearrange the order.
  5. Select how long the call should ring before each following forwarding.

If the call goes unanswered again, it goes to voicemail if you've set it up.


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