Manage your phone lines

You can add new phone lines and configure each line's settings to suit your needs.

➕ Get a new phone line

💡 Good to know
This feature is only available for Phone Pro users with at least 2 users or if you delete your first phone line on a Free or Pro plan. Currently, you can have one phone line per Phone Pro user.

When onboarding, you get the first line for free. You can then add one phone line per additional Phone Pro user. To add a new phone line:

  1. Go to Calls > Phone lines.
  2. Click Get a new line.
  3. Select the country of origin of your phone number.
    💡 Good to know
    If you select Italy (coming soon), Germany, or Spain, you need to provide additional information for verification purposes. To learn more, check our dedicated article About regulatory information and documents required to activate numbers.
  4. Optional: Type the digits you want to include in your phone number.
  5. Select a suggested phone number in the list.

⚙️ Configure your phone line settings

💡 Good to know
This feature is only available for Phone pro users.

You can configure your phone line settings, such as the language or welcome greeting. You can either type the audio messages or upload the audio files to be played out. The audio files should be in MP3 or WAV format and less than 4KB.

  1. Go to Calls > Phone lines.
  2. Click the phone line name to access its settings.
  3. Configure your phone line settings. To learn more about the different settings, expand the corresponding accordion:
    Language and voice for audio messages

    Select the language and voice used for audio messages generated from text.


    Welcome greeting

    Toggle Play a welcome greeting and type or upload the message to be played out when the recipient calls your number.



    Toggle Set up voicemail, choose a ring time, and type or upload the message to be played out when you miss a call.


    Phone line user

    Toggle Assign phone line to user and select a user. This user will be the only one able to make and receive calls on this phone line. If you assign a user to a phone line, you won't be able to set up call routing for this line.


    Call routing

    Toggle Set up call routing to forward calls to another number or to team members. You can also guide callers with a phone menu. If you set up call routing on a line, you won't be able to assign a user to this line. To learn more, check our dedicated article Set up call routing.


    Record call

    Toggle Record every call and type or upload the message informing your clients that the call is recorded. You can find the recording and the transcript of each call in the call history dashboard. You can pause and resume the recording during a call at any time.


    Working hours

    Toggle Set working hours to define when you are able to accept calls. Select your timezone, the days when you are available, and your starting and ending working time.
    Type or upload your out-of-office message that will play before your voicemail message if you've set one up.


📥 Port your existing number

💡 Good to know
This feature is only available for Phone Pro users and for US (+1), German (+49), and French (+33) numbers.

If your business already has a phone number, you can port it to use in Phone.

  1. Go to Calls > Phone lines.
  2. Click Port your existing number.
  3. Click the country associated with your number.
  4. Read and accept the porting terms.
  5. Fill in the required information.
  6. Click Submit porting request.

❌ Delete a phone line

You can delete phone lines any time. Deleting a phone line is permanent and you cannot retrieve it later.

❗️ Important
If you remove a Phone Pro user, any phone line scheduled for deletion will be automatically deleted. If there are no phone lines scheduled for deletion, we will remove the most recently added phone line.
If you switch from a Pro to a Free plan, all additional lines will be deleted. Additional lines are either ones scheduled for deletion or the most recently created lines. Your first line remains active and free.
  1. Go to Calls > Phone lines.
  2. Click the phone line name to access its settings.
  3. Click Delete phone line.
  4. Write delete permanently” in the field.
  5. Click Delete number permanently to confirm.

Your phone line will be deleted at the end of your billing period. You will be able to get a new phone line once the other one is deleted.

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