Connect your website or another platform to Brevo

Whether Brevo is your first CRM or you are migrating from another platform, you can easily connect and synchronize your website's data to Brevo.

There are several ways to connect your website or another platform to Brevo:

Add a subscription form to your website

With Brevo, you can create a subscription form for your website, which will automatically add new subscribers to your Brevo list. This gives you the flexibility to choose the information you want from your subscribers and to design the form to match your brand's colors.

To prevent bots or false contacts from subscribing to your emails, we recommend including a double opt-in process in your form.

➡️  To learn more, check our dedicated articles Create a subscription form and Guidelines for a GDPR-compliant subscription form.


Install a plugin on your website

Installing a Brevo plugin allows you to synchronize your contacts and use Brevo's features directly from your website. We offer plugins for popular platforms like PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

➡️ You can find all available plugins in our App Store.


Use an integration with another platform


Using an integration allows you to synchronize your contacts and their information from another platform to Brevo. We offer integrations with popular platforms like Mailchimp, Hubspot, or Google Contacts

➡️ You can find all available integrations in our App Store.

Use Zapier or Make to automate specific actions



Zapier and Make are workflow automation softwares that allow you to automate actions between Brevo and more than 500 popular platforms.

➡️  To learn more, check our dedicated articles Use Zapier to integrate an app with Brevo and Use Make to integrate an app with Brevo.

Install the Brevo tracker on your website

The Brevo tracker enables you to track of all the pages visited by your website visitors and their activities. It can be installed using one of our plugins, Google Tag Manager, or manually for more advanced users.

➡️ To learn more, check our dedicated article What is Brevo Tracker and how can I install it?.

Use our API to create your own custom integrations

Developers can use Brevo's API to integrate Brevo's email, SMS, chat features, and more into any website. 

➡️ You can find more information in our dedicated developer documentation.

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