Import your Outlook contacts to Brevo

Did you know that you can easily import your Outlook contacts into your Brevo account in just two simple steps? All you need to do is export your Outlook contacts and then reimport them into Brevo.

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In this article, we use screenshots and instructions based on the interface to explain how to export your Outlook contacts. For more information on exporting contacts on other Outlook versions, we recommend you check Outlook's dedicated documentation.

1️⃣ Export your Outlook contacts from Outlook

  1. In your Outlook account, click the Contacts icon.
  2. Select the contact list from which you want to export your contacts.
  3. Select all the contacts or specific contacts from the list.
  4. Click Manage contacts > Export contacts.
  5. Download the CSV file that contains your exported contacts.

2️⃣ Import your Outlook contacts to Brevo

Once you have exported your contacts from Outlook, you'll need to upload the file that contains your exported contacts into Brevo. To learn more, check our dedicated article Import your contacts to Brevo.

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