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Importing your Outlook contacts into Brevo

Did you know you can import your Outlook contacts into your Brevo account in just two easy steps? Let’s first look at how to export an Outlook Contacts file.

1. Importing your Outlook contacts into Brevo.

1. Log onto your Outlook account. 4

2. Click on the top left of the Outlook menu, then select Contacts.


3. Click on “Manage”, then on “Export for and other services”.


4. At the bottom of your screen, you'll see the download notification.

Outlook csv

2. Importing your new Outlook contacts into Brevo.

1. Log onto your Brevo account and go to the “Contacts” tab.

2. Click on “Add contacts”, then select “Import file” from the dropdown menu.


3. Select or create the list into which you will import your Outlook contacts.

4. Click on “Import”, select your Outlook export file and then follow the steps for importing a file into Brevo.

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