What are email templates in Brevo?

In this article, we will explain what email templates are and in which cases you should use them.

In Brevo, you can create email templates in several cases and their use will be different each time:

For Email campaigns, you can see email templates as a way of building your campaigns quicker.

For Automation and Transactional emails, however an email template is the email that will be sent to your contacts so it must be ready to be sent!

Email campaigns

For email campaigns, an email template is a preset design that you will use to build your campaignsUsing an email template for email campaigns can be a good idea if you want to:

  • Reuse an email layout for future campaigns
  • Match your brand image in all email campaigns
  • Speed up the email campaign creation process by inserting regularly used images, logos, or recurring content

You will then need to update the content of the template with the information you want to send to your contacts.

Here is an example of what an email campaign template can look like:


When creating an email campaign, you can choose one of your email templates under the My Template tab in the Design section.


Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation allows you to send an automated email or email series in response to a trigger condition pre-defined in an automation workflow. The trigger can be related to customer behavior, preferences, or other personal/demographic information.

For Marketing Automation, an email template is a predefined email sent as part of an automation workflow. It must be ready to be sent as it is, with all text, images, and placeholders added to the design.

Here are some examples of email templates you can use for automation:

  • Sending a birthday email with a special offer or discount 
  • Triggering a welcome email when new subscribers join your email list 
  • Sending an onboarding email series to new customers (an important part of your CRM strategy)
  • Automated drip campaigns
  • Sending targeted offers based on landing pages visited (great for ecommerce)

Here is an example of what an email template used in Marketing Automation can look like:


Transactional emails

A transactional email is an email that is automatically sent by your website to an individual recipient following a transaction or specific action performed by that person, such as an ecommerce purchase or a password reset request.

For transactional emails, an email template is a predefined email sent as a transactional email. It must be ready to be sent as it is, with all text, images, and placeholders added to the design.

Here are some examples of transactional email templates you can use:

  • Subscription confirmation (or double opt-in)
  • Order confirmation
  • Notification emails (delivery updates, new message, etc.)
  • Password reset emails and account notifications
  • Bills, receipts, etc.

Here is an example of what a transactional email template can look like:


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