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Create a subscription form - Troubleshooting & FAQ

In this article, we'll help you troubleshoot the issue you may encounter with the form creation.

To learn how to create a subscription form, you can follow our series of articles:

Subscription and Unsubscription

❓ If SMS attribute is not mandatory in update profile form, if a contact enters their email and clicks ‘update’ what will happen to the SMS attribute.

We don’t alter the SMS field, we update only the info given in the form, rest will remain unchanged.

❓ If a contact types in their email but leaves SMS blank, when they click unsubscribe will they be unsubscribed from both?

We will blocklist the contact from email campaigns since you are unsubscribing from a campaign.

A client will be unsubscribed from SMS campaigns if as they send STOP (depending on the country) or if they are manually blocklisted in Brevo.

Customize your form HTML

❓ How to Customize placeholder "Select one" for the Single choice element?


You can search for the below-mentioned code block in your form HTML and the change the text value “Select one” enclosed in <option> tag to desired value :

<option value="" disabled selected hidden>Select one</option>

❓ How to add two forms on same webpage using HTML code

If you intend to add more than one form on a webpage, you can only do it by using the Iframe method.

❓ How to select different default country flags for "SMS" attribute in different forms.

You can update the value of the attribute "data-country-code" in the HTML code element shared below with the short code of the country whose flag is to be set as default.

In the below shared code, it is set to "India" (IN).

<div class="sib-sms-input" data-placeholder="SMS" data-required="1" data-country-code="IN" data-value="">

Error messages

❓ My subscriber is unable to subscribe and receives error "Phone number is not valid" even for valid contact number.

A subscriber will not be able to subscribe using a phone number which is already associated with an existing contact. You can add a help text on your element to specify this.

❓ I get an error : "You do not have access to forms at this time".


Your form module has been disabled because of phishing detected on one of the forms in your account. Please contact the support team.

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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