Which Brevo plugins automatically create track events?

In this article, we will explain which Brevo plugins automatically create track events that you can use in your Automation workflows.

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List of plugins that create track events

Some of our Brevo plugins automatically create 3 basic track events:

  • cart_updated: when a cart is created or updated
  • cart_deleted: when products are deleted from a cart
  • order_completed: when a purchase is made

Find if the plugin you are using creates these 3 track events in the table below:

Plugins cart_updated cart_deleted order_completed
WordPress   -   -   -
Prestashop   ✅   ✅   ✅


named cart_created
  ✅   ✅
JTL-Shop   -    -    - 
Shopware   ✅   ✅   ✅
Joomla   -    -    - 
WooCommerce   ✅   ✅   ✅
NopCommerce   ✅   ✅   ✅
Magento 2      
Shopify   ✅   ✅   ✅


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