Supported countries and pricing for WhatsApp messages

With Brevo, you can send WhatsApp messages to recipients in many countries using our WhatsApp credit system with easy setup and simple pricing: no setup or license fees, no expiration date, and a pay-as-you-go offer for more flexibility. 

🗺️ What are the supported countries for WhatsApp messages?

With Brevo, you can send WhatsApp messages to recipients in over 130 countries. To view the full list of available countries, check our WhatsApp pricing calculator.

❗️ Important

Some countries have their number blocked as they are excluded from communicating with WhatsApp for Business numbers: 

  • Crimea (+7978)
  • Cuba (+53)
  • Iran (+98)
  • North Korea (+850)
  • Syria (+963)
  • Venezuela (+58)

👛 How can I purchase WhatsApp credits?

To purchase WhatsApp credits, go to Your account name > My Plan > SMS & WhatsApp messages. To learn more, check our dedicated section in About add-ons or Pay as you go.

💲How much is a WhatsApp message on Brevo? 

Like prepaid or pay-as-you-go email and SMS credits, WhatsApp credits can be purchased as an add-on and never expire. WhatsApp credits are not included in subscriptions and vary in credit consumption. Buy packs of SMS or WhatsApp credits to send your SMS and WhatsApp campaigns to a specific location. 

The cost to send one WhatsApp message varies by country and volume. To send one WhatsApp message in a country, you need to use multiple credits, and the exact number depends on the country. For example, sending 100 WhatsApp messages in North America consumes 17.080 credits, but sending 100 WhatsApp messages in Indonesia consumes 36.680 credits. To learn more, check our WhatsApp pricing calculator.

💡 Good to know
Pay as you go or purchase a monthly plan and get 1,000 messages for free on your first purchase. Note that this is a one-time offer that can not be renewed.
You can use both SMS and WhatsApp credits to send WhatsApp messages.

💰 How am I charged for the sending of WhatsApp messages on Brevo? 

As explained above, the price of one WhatsApp message depends on the country to which you are sending it. However, depending on the type of WhatsApp conversation you have with your contacts, you will be charged differently: 

🏢 Business-initiated conversations 👤 User-initiated conversations
Business-initiated conversations are the conversations that your business starts and that are based on message templates that need to be approved by Meta before being sent. Business-initiated conversations include:
  • Marketing communications.
  • Transactional messages such as shipping updates, order updates, and account verifications.
  • Automation messages such as anniversary or welcome messages.

On Brevo, those business-initiated conversations are the messages created on the WhatsApp campaigns app. Each message sent to each of your contacts is billed according to the country it is sent to. Use our WhatsApp pricing calculator to check how much a WhatsApp message could cost you.

⚖️ Where can I check my WhatsApp credit balance?

Your remaining SMS and WhatsApp credits are indicated in Usage and plan at the top-right of your screen:


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