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How to allow my contacts to unsubscribe from my WhatsApp messages?

To allow your contacts to unsubscribe from your WhatsApp messages, you can insert a Marketing opt-out button in your WhatsApp template: 


This button offers your recipients a quick and easy way to unsubscribe from your WhatsApp messages. Once they click this button, your contacts are automatically unsubscribed from your WhatsApp sending list.

To learn how to insert the Marketing opt-out button in your WhatsApp template, check our dedicated section in Create a WhatsApp template.

Your contacts can also reply STOP to your WhatsApp message to unsubscribe from them. Brevo automatically processes this keyword as an opt-out keyword for WhatsApp, and unsubscribes those contacts from your database to be excluded from future sending.

💡 Good to know
When contacts unsubscribe from your WhatsApp messages, they unsubscribe from the WhatsApp phone number that sent the message. Therefore if you connected multiple WhatsApp Business phone numbers to your Brevo account and a contact unsubscribes from one of those phone numbers, they will still appear as Subscribed to WhatsApp campaigns on their contact details page.

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