Archive and delete resolved conversations

Once you end a conversation with a visitor you can archive it if you want to keep track of it but hide it from your ongoing conversations, or compeltely delete it from the app. Archiving conversations will help you stay organized by keeping:

  • Conversations assigned to you under the My tab.
  • All the new unassigned conversations under the New tab.
  • All the conversations ever under the All tab.
💡 Good to know
Conversations are listed in chronological order, from newest to oldest in all tabs.

If you do not need to keep a conversation, you can delete it completely from Conversations.

Archive a conversation 

Archiving a conversation allows you to remove it from your My tab without deleting it. This feature is useful if you do not necessarily want to delete a conversation because it contains important use cases that you would like to keep but also don't want to keep it among your ongoing conversations. 

From the My or New tab, hover your mouse over the conversation you want to archive, and click on the 1648470633319.png icon:


Your conversation is transferred to the All tab. You can now delete this conversation if needed. To learn more, check our dedicated section below Delete a conversation.

Delete a conversation

❗️ Important
Deleting a conversation is irreversible. Before deleting a conversation, make sure that deleting it will not result in the loss of valuable information such as an answer to a question, or notes about the customer that you wanted to keep.

From either tab, click on the conversation you want to delete. Under the name of the visitor, click on the 1648470711470.png icon:


The conversation is definitely removed from the Conversations app. 

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