Understand the Statistics page

The Statistics page gives you an overview of the performances of your chat widget and your agents for each of your communication channels:

  • Number of conversations started by visitors,
  • Number of conversations answered by agents,
  • Rating given by your visitors,
  • Average response time. 

Leverage your statistics page

The Statistics page can be divided into three sections:


  1. Time and channel filters
    In this section, you can filter the results according to a pre-defined period of time by clicking on Today, Yesterday, Last week, or Last month. You can also filter the results for a specific period of time by clicking the calendar button and choosing the range date. You also have the possibility to display the results for all your communication channels by clicking All conversations, or only one of them by choosing Chat widget, Facebook, or Instagram. The chart below will display the results according to the filters you have set.
  2. Charts and key figures
    In this section, you can see the key figures and the charts that result from the filters defined in the first section. They give you an overview of the most important information to know about your chat widget or communication tool and agents. It helps you have a quick view of your conversations with visitors and how they are going overall. You have the number of:
    • Conversations and visitors,
    • Satisfied visitors, 
    • Good and bad ratings, 
    • Average response time.
  3. Performance summary by agent, group, and conversation
    This last section displays the same information as in the second section but you can filter them to display the performances for Agents, Groups, or Conversations. You can also download these summaries in a CSV file by clicking Download CSV.

Now that you know which information you can have access to from the Statistics page, you can use it to calculate the efficiency of your chat widget and other communication channels, as well as the performance of your agents. This will help you improve your visitors' satisfaction and define new objectives.

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