Manage your availability for meetings

Managing your availability is crucial when planning meetings with clients. You might only be available at specific times during the day or certain days of the week.

By setting up your availability, you ensure that clients can only book meetings when you are available.

Good to know

Connecting Meetings to your calendar can be helpful to synchronize your availabilities automatically, and avoid double bookings. To learn how to connect Meetings to your calendar, check our dedicated article Connect your calendar to Meetings.

📆 Change your date availability

When onboarding Meetings, you set up your default availability. You can change it at any time. This availability is used by default when you create a meeting type, but you can also choose a specific availability for each meeting type or for a specific day.

Set your default availability

  1. Go to Meetings > Availability > Date availability.
  2. In Show, select Default availability, or the meeting type for which you want to change your availability.
  3. Choose your timezone.
  4. Choose the days you are available.
  5. Choose a start time and end time
  6. Delete an availability. 
  7. Add a new availability
    This can be useful if you are available during the weekend or if you want to split your availability during the day in 2.

Set exceptional availability on specific days

❗️ Important
This procedure is to override your default availability or to add available time on specific dates. If you wish to mark a specific time as unavailable, you need to block it off from Planned meetings. To learn more, check the next section 🚫 Set exceptional unavailabilities.

To change your availability time for a specific date: 

  1. Go to Meetings > Availability > Date availability.
  2. Click the calendar icon meetings_calendar-icon.png on the top right to switch to the calendar view.
  3. Click a specific date.
  4. Choose your start and end time availability for that specific date.
  5. Optional: click Add availability hours to split the day into several time slots.
  6. Optional: click the bin icon to delete an exceptional availability.
  7. Click Save exceptional availability.

🚫 Set exceptional unavailabilities

You can block off certain days or hours in Meetings to ensure that you can't be booked for specific times. This is possible by adding unavailabilities in your Planned meetings calendar view.

  1. Go to Meetings > Planned meetings.
  2. Click the calendar icon to switch to the calendar view.
  3. Click a specific date. If you already have planned meetings for that day, make sure to click outside of the meeting.
  4. Fill in the information about your unavailability:
    1. Give your unavailability a Title.

    2. Set the start time and end time for your unavailability.

    3. Click Add unavailability.

📆 Choose your availability date range

You can set how far in advance people can book meetings with you.

  1. Go to Meetings > Availability
  2. Go to the Date range tab.
  3. Choose a start date between now and 1 week from now.
  4. Choose an end time between 1 week and 6 months from now.
    ❗️ Important
    If you’ve connected your calendar to Meetings, we recommend that you choose a maximum end time of 3 months, as our system can only check your availability over this period. If you set a maximum end time beyond 3 months, your customers might book a meeting when you’re unavailable.
  5. Click Save date range.

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