Send meeting reminders to you and your clients

Meeting reminders are useful to ensure important meetings are not forgotten. With Meetings, you can send reminders automatically to both yourself and your clients before a scheduled meeting. This way, everyone stays informed and prepared.

Two types of reminders can be sent:

Email reminders


SMS reminders


Both reminders are sent to you and your client at the time you've selected. 

🕘 Set up a reminder

When you create a meeting type for your booking page, you get to set up reminders for that meeting type. To learn more about creating a meeting type, check our dedicated article Create and manage your meeting types.

  1. At the Configure the time slots, reminders, and link step, toggle Send reminders before the meeting.
  2. Select how long before the meeting you want to send the reminders.
  3. To delete a reminder, click the bin icon.
  4. To add a reminder, click Add another reminder.
💡 Good to know
Currently, it is not possible to customize the content of the reminders. The default message is sent automatically.
The language of the reminder is based on the participant's browser settings. If the chosen language is not supported, the reminder is sent in English.

⚙️ Manage meeting reminders

By default, reminders are sent to you and your clients by email. You can choose to send only email or SMS reminders, or both. You also have the option to send reminders to either yourself, your clients, or both.

  1. Go to Meetings > Settings.
  2. Click Meetings reminders.
  3. Check or uncheck the boxes to match your preference.
  4. Click Save reminders settings.

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