Create and manage your meeting types

You can add meeting types to your booking page to allow your clients to choose what appointment they want to book with you.

🗓️ Create and edit meeting types

💡 Good to know
If there are several users for Meetings, you can create meeting types with one rotating host so that meetings are distributed among users based on their availability to host.

Create a meeting type

To create and configure a meeting type:

  1. Go to Meetings.
  2. Click Create meeting type.
  3. Select the type of host you want for your meeting:
    • with 1 host: the meetings are always booked with the user who creates the meeting type.
    • with 1 rotating host (round robin): select the hosts for this meeting type and click Continue.
  4. Configure your meeting type depending on the type of host you chose:
    with 1 host with 1 rotating host (round robin)
    Step 1: What meeting do you want to propose?

    Give some details about the new meeting type you want to create. All this information appears on your booking page.


    1. Give a name to your meeting type.
    2. Select a communication tool or location:
      • Video call
        Choose between with Brevo, with Zoom, with Google Meet, or with an external tool. Zoom and Google Meet need to be activated before you can use them. To learn more, check our dedicated article Use Brevo, Zoom or Google Meet as a video call tool.
      • Phone call
        Your client will fill in their phone number on the booking page, allowing you to call them at the time of the meeting.
      • In-person
        You can toggle Use address for in-person meeting to show the location of the meeting on your booking page.
    3. Optional: Give a short description of your meeting type.
    4. Select a duration.
    5. Toggle Show on the main booking page to show the meeting type on your booking page.
    6. Optional: Toggle Charge for this meeting and show price, then enter a price, if you want to charge your clients for this meeting type. To learn more, check our dedicated article Charge your meetings and collect payments.
    Step 2: When are you available?

    Define your availability for this meeting type. You can use your default availability or configure a specific one for this meeting type. You can choose the days, start and end time, but also add or delete availabilities. To learn more, check our dedicated article Manage your availability for meetings.


    Step 3: Configure the time slots, reminders, and link


    1. Select a Start time increment
      Define the interval between the start time of the slots people can book. Example: If you are available from 9:00 AM onwards, a 30 min start time interval creates meeting slots at 9:00 AM, 9:30 AM, and so on.
    2. Select a break time between meetings.
    3. Optional: Toggle to send reminders before the meeting. You can choose how long before the meeting the reminder will be sent, and even choose to send multiple reminders. To learn more, check our dedicated article Send meeting reminders to you and your clients.
    4. Customize the end of the meeting type link. By default, it's the name of the meeting type.
    5. Optional: Redirect people who booked a meeting to a specific page such as a thank you page.
    6. Optional: Record the video call. You can choose between getting the audio and video recordings separately in MKA/MKV format or together in MP4 format.
    Step 4: Ask questions to the participants?

    Click Add a question if you want to learn more about the people you will meet. No need to ask for their contact details, we'll do it for you. You can add up to 15 questions. To delete a question, click the bin icon. You can toggle off Answer required to make the question optional for your clients.


  5. Click Save meeting type.

Edit a meeting type

💡 Good to know
You cannot edit the type of host for a meeting type.

To edit a meeting type:

  1. Go to Meetings.
  2. Click the meeting type you want to edit.

Editing works the same as creating a meeting type.

🗑️ Hide or delete a meeting type on your booking page

You may want to hide some meeting types depending on the services you offer at that time or delete the meeting types you no longer offer.

Hide a meeting type Delete a meeting type
  1. Create or edit a meeting type with 1 host.
  2. At the What meeting do you want to propose? step, toggle off Show on the main booking page to hide the meeting type. Toggle it on to show the meeting type again.
  3. Click Save meeting type.

⏭️ What's next?

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