Generate marketing content with the Brevo AI assistant

In the competitive world of marketing, it can be difficult to find ideas to create content that drives high engagement rates. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized our lives in the past few years, and this is why more and more brands are using AI as a strategy to stay competitive, improve productivity, and help create marketing content.

We have integrated AI with the Brevo AI assistant into:

  • The campaign creation tool, to help you get inspired to create subject lines that will catch your recipients' attention in their crowded inboxes and encourage them to open your email.
  • The Drag & Drop Editor, to create email designs with engaging titles, texts, and CTAs (buttons) that will make your recipients want to take action. 
  • Conversations, to make collaboration with other agents easier by summarizing conversations, or generating fast, efficient, and helpful replies.

🤖 Why use AI to generate marketing content? 

AI algorithms can contain and analyze vast amounts of data and identify trends, behavior data, engagement, and language patterns. All these insights allow AI to create marketing content with emotional triggers that can help create curiosity, urgency, or excitement from your contacts. 

The Brevo AI assistant is an inspiration tool. You can either use the generated content as is or edit and delete it at any time. 

📧 Create catchy AI-generated subject lines for email campaigns

💡 Good to know
Use our Brevo AI assistant to generate subject lines in both your regular and A/B test email campaigns. 

The subject line is the first thing your recipients see when they receive your emails and determines whether or not your recipients will be interested in and open your email. To generate an engaging subject line for your email campaigns with the Brevo AI assistant: 

  1. At the Subject step of your campaign creation, click Add subject
  2. Under the Subject line field, click Use AI. The Brevo AI assistant opens on the right of your screen. 
  3. In the text field, enter the main topic of your campaign or keywords that could help our AI understand what your campaign is about. You can add a maximum of 120 characters.
  4. Click Start to generate suggestions. 
  5. Choose the first suggestion by clicking Use it, or improve it by clicking on one of the persuasive strategy propositions of our AI.
    Those persuasive strategies, such as Create urgency or Make it unexpected, are used in marketing to influence your recipients' behavior and encourage them to open emails. 
  6. Optional: If the suggestion doesn't suit you, click the clear-conversation-icon.png Try again icon. You can generate up to 3 suggestions.
  7. Once you have found your perfect subject line, click Use it
  8. Optional: To make your subject line even more engaging, click 👤 to personalize it with one of your contact attributes, such as your recipient's name. To learn more, check our dedicated section in our article Create an email campaign.

🧑‍🎨 Create engaging content in your email designs

Once your recipients have opened your emails, make them want to read your email and take action by creating impactful texts, including attention-grabbing titles, persuasive paragraphs, and compelling CTAs:

  1. Go to Campaigns and create an email template or campaign.
  2. Access the Design step and select a template to open the Drag & Drop Editor. 
  3. Once the Drag & Drop Editor is open, you can use the AI assistant for your email content. You can either:
    🆕 Create from scratch

    To create content for your email design from scratch:

    1. Go to the magic-wand-icon.png AI tab on the left of your screen. 
    2. Click the button corresponding to the type of content you want to generate. You can generate content for a: 
      • Title,
      • Paragraph, or
      • Button (CTA).
    3. Enter a text or keywords related to the subject of your email campaign to help the AI generate content and click Generate. For example, enter yoga starter pack for newbies.
    4. Now that your content is generated, you can either:
      1. Drag and drop 
        Drag and drop the generated content anywhere you want in your email design. 
      2. Add 
        Insert the generated content directly in your email design. The content appears at the top of your email design. You can drag and drop it anywhere. 
      3. Copy 
        Copy the generated content to use it anywhere. 
      4. Try again 
        Ask the Brevo AI assistant to generate new content for this subject. This can be useful if you are unhappy with the first generated content. 
      5. Use one of our content improvement suggestion 
        Improve the generated content by using our suggestions. For example, you can reduce the generated content, translate it, or change its tone of voice.
    ♻️ Edit existing content
    To edit and improve the content you have already added to your email design: 
    1. Insert a title, paragraph, or button content block in your email design and enter the text you want to edit. 
    2. Select the content block that contains the text you want to edit. 
    3. Click the magic-wand-icon.png Use AI assistant icon in your content block settings in the left panel. The AI assistant panel opens. 
    4. Choose one of our content editing suggestions. For example, you can improve the writing style, reduce the content, translate it, or change its tone of voice.DDE_edit-existing-content_EN-US.gif
    5. Now that your content has been edited by the Brevo AI assistant, you can either click:
      1. Replace
        Insert the edited content directly into the content block you created in your email design. 
      2. Copy 
        Copy the generated content to use it anywhere. 
      3. Try again 
        Ask the Brevo AI assistant to generate new content for this content block. This can be useful if you are unhappy with the first edited content. 
  4. Click the trash-icon.png Clear conversation trash icon at the top of the AI assistant panel to generate or edit another content.

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