Insert social media links and icons in your email design

Inserting your social media links at the bottom of your email campaigns helps maintain a strong relationship with your customers outside of your email marketing communications.


Use the Social content block in your email design to redirect your recipients to your social media pages when they click the icons from your email.

Before you start 

Set up your Brand Library to automatically populate your email design with your social media links and icons saving you precious time. To learn more, check our dedicated article Save your brand's assets in the Brand Library to create unified email designs.

🗣️ Insert your social media icons in your email design

  1. Create an email campaign or template and access the Design step. 
  2. Drag and drop the Social content block where you want to display your social media icons inside your email design. 
  3. If you haven't set up your Brand Library or need to add a social media only for this specific email design, click + Add more to: 
    🖱️ Select a social media

    Search or scroll down the list to select the social media icons you want to add:

    ✚ Add a custom social media
    1. Click Add custom icon to add your own social media icon and link.
    2. Drag and drop or click the icon to upload or select your own social media icon from the content library. The icon should be in a jpeg or png format with a max dimension of 128x128px and a max size of 5MB.
    3. Enter the name you want to give to your social media to easily find it in the list. For example, The Green Yoga website
    4. Click Add to list.
    5. Your custom social media icon is now created and appears at the top of the Add social media page. Select your custom social media to add it to your list of social media.
    ❗️ Important
    The social media links you are adding directly from the Social content block will not be saved for your future email designs. To permanently save your social media links for your future email designs, set up your Brand Library.
  4. Once you have selected all the social media you want to add to your list, click Add to list
  5. In the fields corresponding to each social media icon, you can enter:
    • 🔗 Links to your social media pages
       Paste the URL to your social media page such as Instagram or Facebook account. For example,
    • 📞 Phone numbers
      Enter tel: followed by the phone number with its country code you want your recipients to be able to call when they click the icon from your email. For example, tel:3314010121314 for France or tel:16505550123 for the U.S.A. 
    • 📧 Email addresses
      Enter mailto: followed by the phone number you want your recipients to be able to email when they click the icon from your email. For example, mailto:

🧑‍🎨 Customize your social media icon style

Set the design style of your social media icons by clicking the Social content block and accessing its settings in the left panel:


Icon design

Choose the size, shape, color, and spacing between your social media icons.

Block settings

Choose the width of your Social content block and its alignment: left, center, or right.


Toggle one or both spacing options to add space around your social media icons.

Congratulations! 🎉 You have inserted and designed your social media icons in your email. You can now save this Social content block to reuse it in your email design and save you time. 

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