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Generate conversational content with the Brevo AI assistant

When answering daily client requests, it can be difficult to find inspiration to personalize answers. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Conversations can help you enhance and streamline your interactions with clients, making the support process more efficient and customer-centric. 

We have integrated AI with the Brevo AI assistant into:

  • The campaign creation tool, to help you get inspired to create subject lines that will catch your recipients' attention in their crowded inboxes and encourage them to open your email.
  • The Drag & Drop Editor, to create email designs with engaging titles, texts, and CTAs (buttons) that will make your recipients want to take action. 
  • Conversations, to make collaboration with other agents easier by summarizing conversations, or generating fast, efficient, and helpful replies.

🤖 Why use AI to generate conversational content? 

AI algorithms can contain and analyze vast amounts of data and identify trends, behavior data, engagement, and language patterns. All these insights allow AI to adapt to the agent's style while maintaining a personalized touch appreciated by clients, and benefiting from the efficiency and accuracy of AI. 

The Brevo AI assistant is an inspiration tool and does not aim at replacing agents, but rather enhance their capabilities. You can either use the generated content as is or edit and delete it at any time. 

💬 Summarize, expand, or change the tone of your conversations with the Brevo AI assistant

  1. Go to Conversations and open a conversation. 
  2. In the chat reply box, enter a text or keywords you want to reply to your customer.  
  3. Click the magic wand icon magic-wand-icon.png and select the task you'd like our AI to help you with. You can either select:
    Summarize the conversation Expand More friendly More formal
    Create a short internal comment summarizing the whole conversation you had with this client.
    This is particularly helpful if several people are responding to customer requests. If someone other than you has to answer the customer's request, you can summarize the conversation in the internal comments to save them time by not having to scroll through the conversation to understand the request. 
  4. If needed, edit the text generated by our Brevo AI assistant or use another task to make the message more friendly or formal, for example. 
  5. Once your reply is ready, click Send or Add a comment.


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