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What are the different types of contact attributes?

In this article, we will see how to attribute different fields of your database to be able to personalize your communication with your contacts. Attributes are the different fields that contain characteristics from each contact in your database. You can use your attributes for personalizing your emails and using formulas.

To start with, go to Contacts > Settings > Contact attributes. You will see three tabs for different types of attributes:

  • Normal attributes
  • Transactional attributes
  • Calculated attributes
💡 Good to know
Attributes names for all kinds of attributes should only contain alphanumeric characters and and underscore(_) letter. They can not start with a number or a special character. If you fail to do so it will show an error.

Normal attributes

Normal attributes are static values attached to a contact. The most common normal attributes are first name, last name, zip code, or gender. You can describe your attributes according to the value type: text, number, category, or value.


If the value type is Category, you will have to configure the different possible values, after clicking on the Settings on the right. Here, your import file will contain "1" in the CITY field for Paris and a "3" for Madrid.


Transactional attributes

Transactional attributes allow you to record transactions relating to an individual. The best example is the financial transaction where you can save a sales order. Each customer order has its own characteristics, for example: ID, value, and date of the order.

You need to define an ID for each transaction. When adding the ID, you need to assign the type "ID".


Calculated values

Calculated values are calculated with the data you provided in Normal and Transactional attributes.

For example, you can calculate the revenue generated by each contact.


When you click on the calculator on the right, you can input your calculation formula. For more information on the use of formulas, see our article: Formulas.

How to edit or delete attributes

Please note that attributes cannot be edited, they can only be created or deleted.

You can delete attributes, but keep in mind that attributes that are deleted cannot be recovered and any data under that attribute will be deleted along with it.

To delete an attribute (whether normal, calculated or transactional), you need to click on the black cross at the end of the attribute line and check Yes to delete it.


❗️ Important
Default attributes such as EMAIL, NAME, FIRST_NAME, SMS and DOUBLE_OPT_IN cannot be deleted. The cross at the end of the line is greyed out.

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