What are the different types of attributes?

In Brevo, you can create different types of attributes that are used to store information about your contacts and their transactions and personalize your communications. Each type of attribute has a different use and scope.

You can create two types of attributes in Brevo:

Contact attributes Transactional attributes

Contact attributes are fields where you can store static values about your contacts. They can include:

  • contact information, such as email address, phone number, etc.
  • demographic information, such as name, location, etc.
  • preferences, such as the type of content they want to receive, etc.

To learn more, check our dedicated articles About contact attributes and Create and manage contact attributes.

By collecting information about your contacts and their transactions in your contact and transactional attributes, you can gain a deeper understanding of your contacts. You can also create more personalized, targeted experiences for them using this information in other Brevo apps. For example, you could personalize your email campaigns with the name of your contacts or send messages to a targeted group who purchased the same products.

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You can create Calculated values using the data you provided in your contact and transactional attributes. For example, you could calculate the revenue generated by each contact. To learn more, check our dedicated articles Add Global Computed Values to my Dashboard and Build and use formulas.

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