How do visitors receive my chat messages if they are no longer on my website?

Imagine you're having a conversation with a prospective lead on Conversations and they suddenly leave, or a customer left you an important message expecting a reply while you were offline but they are no longer active on your website when you return. Wouldn't it be amazing if somehow you can still get your message across to these offline visitors so that they can continue the conversation from where they left off?

With Conversations, you can stay connected to the identified visitors of your website even when they are no longer active on your website by automatically sending them your agents' replies via email.

❗️ Important
Only identified visitors can receive unread replies and conversation transcripts by email. An identified visitor is a visitor who shared their email address through the contact form, or during the conversation with an agent. To learn more, check our dedicated articles on Contact form.

Good to know

  • To be able to identify visitors, go to Settings > Contact form > When agents are offline or invisible and check the Get offline messages only once the contact form is filled box. If your contact form bot is optional when your agents are online, ask for your visitors' email address directly in the chat.
    To learn more, see our dedicated articles on Contact form.
  • For Facebook messenger and Instagram direct messages, your replies to visitors are automatically sent on their personal accounts. Your visitors thus receive a notification for your reply and have direct access to it via their Facebook or Instagram accounts. 
    To learn more, check our dedicated articles on Facebook and Instagram

Set up the reply message forwarding 

To enable or disable the sending of your replies to your visitor's by email:

  1. Go to Conversations > Settings > Preferences.
  2. At the bottom of the page, go to the Email forwarding section.
  3. From the Email unread replies or full transcript to visitors drop-down list, either choose:
    • Do not send anything: this option disables the sending of your agents' replies to your visitors by email. 
      ❗️ Important
      Your visitors will only have the possibility to see the replies if they didn't clean their browser cache and connect to your website again.
    • [Recommended] Email unread replies to visitors: this option sends to your visitors by email the replies of your agents that they have not yet read from the chat widget. A few previous messages will be sent to provide them a context and understand your agents' replies. If the conversation was very short, visitors will receive the full transcript. 
    • Email full conversation transcripts to visitors: this option sends the entire conversation to your visitor.
💡 Good to know
Once your visitors have received your reply message by email, they can directly reply to the email to continue the conversation with agents or go back to your website to use the chat widget. 

Check the sending of reply messages

To ensure that your visitors received your reply messages, go back to the conversation with the concerned visitors and check for the (forwarded to ...) message next to your name.


💡 Good to know
Your visitors will receive the reply email 5 minutes after they left your website, after 30 minutes of inactivity, or if all agents go offline. However, in some rare cases, delivery can be delayed, sometimes for up to an hour.

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