Customize your emails using transactional parameters

In this article, we will explain how you can customize your emails with transactional parameters (product name, price, etc.) to engage your email recipients and improve metrics, such as open rates and response rates, using Brevo.

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Only emails sent through an automation triggered by an event or through an API call to send transactional emails can be customized using transactional parameters.

How to use transactional parameter in emails?

Your transactional parameters contain information about the events tracked on your website. For example, the events can be order_completed or cart_updated, each containing specific data about your client and the products in their order/cart (product name, price, total cart amount, etc). You can customize your emails using transactional parameters by inserting placeholders (or merge tags) in your email templates. 

Transactional parameters placeholders are tags that pull event-specific information (name of a product that was left in a shopper's cart, total price of a shopper's cart, etc.) into your emails. Transactional parameters placeholders are automatically replaced by the personalized information for each recipient at the time your email is sent via an API call or an Automation workflow triggered by a workflow.

Email template


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How are transactional parameters placeholders structured?

Transactional parameter placeholders are structured as {{ variable.parameterNAME }}, e.g. {{ item.price }} or {{ }}.

You should replace variable and parameterNAME by your own variable and parameter names, formatted and cased exactly as you pass it via the API or as it appears in your event logs. We will explain how to retrieve your variable and parameterNAME in the section just below.

You are using a Brevo plugin You are not using a Brevo plugin

If you connected your website to Brevo using one of our plugins, transactional parameter placeholders are standardized:

Product data Corresponding placeholder
Item name {{ }}
Short description {{ item.description_short }}
Item price {{ item.price }}
Item price, tax included {{ item.price_taxinc }}
Item currency {{ item.currency }}
Item quantity  {{ item.quantity }}
Item image {{ item.image }}
Item size {{ item.size }}
Item availability {{ item.available_now }}
Item URL  {{ item.url }}
Item ID {{ }}
Item category {{ item.category }}
Item variant ID {{ item.variant_id }}
Item variant name {{ item.variant_name }}
Item SKU  {{ item.sku }}
Cart data Corresponding placeholder
URL to view cart {{ params.url }}
Subtotal {{ params.subtotal }}
Subtotal, including tax, including discounts, excluding shipping {{ params.subtotal_taxinc }}
Discount {{ }}
Discount, including tax {{ params.discount_taxinc }}
Shipping {{ params.shipping }}
Shipping, including tax {{ params.shipping_taxinc }}
Total before tax {{ params.total_before_tax }}
Tax {{ }}
Total {{ }}
Currency  {{ params.currency }}
Date {{ }}
Affiliation {{ params.affiliation }}

Insert transactional parameters placeholders in your emails

Simple personalization

To insert a transactional parameter placeholder in your emails, type it directly in your email template:


In the recipent's inbox, the placeholder will be replaced by event-specific information, e.g. the name of a product they wanted to be reminded about.

Dynamic personalization

In most cases, such as in an abandoned cart or receipt email, you will want to generate a list of products purchased by a customer.


❗️ Important 
Since the number of products purchased varies per customer, you must create a repeatable section in your email template using the Repeatable content option. To learn more, check our dedicated article Repeat a series of content in your emails.

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