Set up and use Saved replies

The Saved replies feature allows you to reply faster to your customers by setting up pre-saved answers to quickly add to your conversations. Saved replies are useful for providing quick support for issues that require a simple, recurring answer.

Set up a saved reply

  1. Go to Conversations > Settings > Saved replies.
  2. Click + Create new reply. Conversations_-_saved_reply_2.png
  3. In the Reply text field, type an answer to a frequently asked question or any sentence that you often repeat while answering to your clients.
    💡 Good to know
    Format text and wrap links by clicking on the required format in the inline help inside the Reply text field. You can also copy and paste emojis.
  4. Click Create.

Use a saved reply in conversations

Now that your saved reply is set up, you can use it to reply faster to your customers in any message on Conversations

  1. From your conversation, hit the key or click on /... in the Message... text field.
  2. Enter a keyword contained in your saved reply.
    Saved replies corresponding to the keyword display as a possible answer.
  3. Press Enter or click on the desired saved reply to automatically add it to your message.Conversations_-_Saved_reply__.gif.gif

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