Understand the difference between Online, Offline, and Invisible

The Conversations app offers three different statuses for agents: Online, Offline, or Invisible. In this article, we will help you understand the difference between the three statuses and see how to switch from one status to the other. 

Depending on your status, the chat widget will appear in Live chat or Messenger mode. To learn more, check our dedicated article Live chat vs. Messenger mode

🟢 Online 🔴 Offline 😶‍🌫️ Invisible

When Online, agents appear available to visitors and should answer live to their messages. Messages from visitors appear in the Conversations tab of agents. The chat widget appears as a live chat

Switching from one status to another

To let your visitors know if you are online or offline, change your status. The chat widget will automatically display in Live chat or Messenger mode according to your status. 

You can switch from one status to the other manually if you take a break for example. You can also automatically switch to Offline mode at the end of your day or after a specific period of time.

👆 Manually 🤖 Automatically

You can easily switch from one status to the other by clicking on your profile picture in the Conversations app and choosing another status.

You can also manually go online directly from a conversation by clicking on 🟢 Go online.



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