Understand the Visitors online page

This feature is only available on our Chat Pro plan

Conversations allows you to have an overview of how many visitors are currently on your website and obtain precious information on their behavior from Conversations > Visitors online to help you provide custom help. The Visitors online page can also help you target customers from a particular location or page. For example, if a visitor spends too much time on their cart, you can initiate a conversation to ask if they need extra information to be able to close their purchase.

❗️ Important
This option is available for our Chat pro plan. Depending on the number of paid agent seats you subscribed to, the number of visitors displayed in the list can differ. Starting from 6 agents, you can display 10 additionnal online visitors for each additional agent seat:
1 to 5 agents ➡️ 50 visitors
6 agents ➡️ 60 visitors
7 agents ➡️ 70 visitors
8 agents ➡️ 80 visitors ...

You can also know on which page the visitor you are currently talking to is located directly from the conversation. To learn more, check our dedicated article How to know which website page my chat customer is on?

Decide which customers' information you want to display

Understand the different customers' information available

The Visitors online page allows you to obtain precious information on your visitors' behavior on your website and chat widget.


Find out what each category corresponds to choose which customers' information you want to display.

Category Description
VISITOR Name of your visitor.
Identified visitors (who shared their details) have their real name displayed, while anonymous visitors are named after their avatar color.
ONLINE Time since when the visitor connected to your website. 

Visitors in grey already chatted with you in the past and green visitors are chatting with you right now. Icons give you more information on the actions performed on your chat widget:


LOCATION Country from where your visitor is connected to your website. 
PAGE Name of the current web page your visitor is on. Click on the link to access it. 
URL URL of the page your visitor is on. Click on the link to access it. 
TIME ON PAGE Time your visitor has spent on the current page. 
REFERRER URL from which your visitor accessed the current page. Click on the link to access it. 
GROUP Group of agents to which your visitor is assigned. This category is useful only if you created groups to filter your conversations. 

Type of device, browser, and operating system from which your visitor has accessed your website.

conversations_ignore-visitor_EN-US.png  or conversations_ignore-notif-visitor_EN-US.png

If you disabled notification for new visitors, click on the eye icon to ignore a specific visitor on their next connection. If your enabled notification for new visitors, click the bell icon to disable the notification for a specific visitor.
This option can be used to ignore your colleagues' tests and connections.
Custom category Displays your visitors' answer to the custom field from your contact form if it is mandatory.
💡 Good to know

All these information are also visible in the right panel of the conversation with your visitor. To learn more, check our dedicated article How to know which website page my visitor is on?


Choose the customers' information you need

You can choose which information you want to obtain about your visitors from the Visitors online page by clicking ⚙️ next to Visitors in real time and selecting the information you want to display from the list. If you added a custom field to your contact form, you will be able to choose this information from the list. The information you chose to display is preceded by a check ✔️ symbol. To learn more, check our dedicated section to understand the Vistors online page display


Be notified when a visitor is online

You can choose to receive a sound notification each time a visitor is on your website. Check the corresponding box and, from the list, choose the sound you would like to hear each time a visitor is on your website. We recommend choosing a notification sound that is different from the one you chose for new incoming chats.

If you do not want to receive sound notifications, choose None (sound off) from the drop-down list. You will still receive pop-up notifications from your browser if you allowed them in your browser's and desktop's settings.


❗️ Important
We highly recommend leaving this box unchecked if your website has a high number of visitors. 

You can edit the display time of your pop-up notification settings from Settings > Notifications. The display time will be the same as the one for new chat messages notifications. To learn more, check our dedicated article Change my Conversations notification settings.

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