Part 2: Create your Web push campaign

Web push campaigns reach your audience in real-time and can help you drive conversions. You can also target which contacts you want to reach.

We've created a series of articles to help you get started with sending Web push campaigns:

Before you start

Make sure you've set up Web push notifications. If you haven't done it, you can check our dedicated article Part 1: Set up Web Push notifications.

📝 Step 1: Create your campaign 

  1. Go to Campaigns > Web push.
  2. Click Create a campaign.
  3. Enter a Notifications campaign title that will help you find it easily in the list of your campaigns.
    This name will only be visible to you.
  4. Click Begin

👥 Step 2: Add recipients

This step allows you to choose who you want to send your campaign to. You can only send your campaign to contacts who have allowed the browser opt-in. If you have no subscribers, you will not be able to schedule your Web Push campaign.

  1. Click Add recipients.
  2. Select lists or segments of contacts you want to send the campaign to. To learn more, check our dedicated articles Organize and categorize your contacts with lists and folders and About segments.
    💡 Good to know
    You can see how many credits you have left when you select recipients for your Web push campaign.
  3. Optional: Check the box to send your campaign to all your active Web push subscribers.
  4. Click Save.

🖌️ Step 3: Design your campaign

To start designing your Web push campaign, click Create a design.

You are redirected to the design editing board. On the right, you can see a preview of what your Web push campaign will look like on your clients' devices.

  1. Choose a title.
    Your Web Push campaign title is the first thing your client will read. It has to be short, appealing, and introduce what you are promoting. 

    Write a message.
    The message of your Web Push campaign allows you to share more about what you are promoting. Its function is to complete the title and add more details about what you want to share with your clients. 


  2. Enter a primary link.
    The primary link is where your clients will be redirected once they click on the Web Push notifications. A primary link tends to give direct access to what you are promoting.

  3. [Recommended] Add an image.
    Toggle on Image. Click Upload Windows banner and Upload Android banner to choose an image for your WebPush campaign in your Content library. Adding an image to your Web Push campaign is helpful to illustrate what you are trying to promote and visually appeal to clients. You need to upload an image for each type of device your clients might use (Windows, Android, Mac OS). The Mac OS image is by default your website’s logo, but you can replace it.


  4. Optional: Add buttons.
    Toggle on Buttons. Write a title and enter a redirection link. Adding buttons allows your campaign to contain more than one link and call to action. You can add up to 2 buttons.

  5. Replace your logo.
    By default, the logo of your Web push campaign is your website's logo. You can replace it with any other logo you wish.


🚀 Step 4: Finalize your campaign

Once you've completed all the previous steps, you are ready to preview and send your campaign.

Preview and Save your campaign

Once you're done designing your campaign:

  1. Click Live preview to see what your campaign will look like on your client's devices.
    If you can't see the preview, make sure your notifications are enabled on your device. To learn more, check our dedicated article Troubleshooting: Why do I not receive Web push notifications?.
  2. Click Save & quit.


Once you've selected the recipients and designed your campaign, you can schedule it. You can only send your campaign to contacts who have allowed the browser opt-in. If you have no subscribers, you will not be able to schedule your Web push campaign.

  1. Click Schedule
  2. Choose when you would like to send your Web push campaign. 
    You can send it now, or schedule it for later
  3. Click Now or Schedule in the bottom right.

Once you've sent your campaign, you will receive the Web push notification you've created on your browser.


⏩ What's next?

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