Create and manage groups in Conversations

Conversations allows you to group your agents by specialty. For example, you can create groups according to the languages spoken by your agents or according to their role in your company: Sales, Support... You can also create separate groups for each of your websites and set up triggers to automatically redirect your visitors to the right support team.

Before you start

  • You need a paid plan to create more than one agent and be able to assign visitors to a specific group. 
  • You have to be an admin or agent with dedicated rights to be able to create a group.

Create a group of agents 

  1. Go to Conversations > Settings > Groups
  2. Click on + New group
  3. In the # Group X field, type a relevant name for this group to make it easy for agents and visitors to know what the group is for. For this example, we will create a group to help our French website visitors; let's name it the FR support team
    ❗️ Important
    If you choose to have different support languages, remember to update the group name in all languages by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the group name. 
  4. Choose the agents that will be part of this group. Click on Select all to select all your agents for this group, or toggle the agents you need for this group. One agent can be added to multiple groups.
  5. Optional: Check the Make private box to make it impossible for visitors to see or select this group from the chat widget.
    💡 Good to know
    By default, if you unchecked the box Ask visitors to select a group from Settings > Groups, visitors won't be able to see or select groups from the chat widget. 
  6. Check the Enable group box to be able to use it now and click Save


You now have to activate your group of agents to be able to assign your visitors to your newly created group.

Activate your group of agents

To active your group of agents, and depending on whether you are comfortable with technical manipulations or not, you can either:

  • Set up triggers. This will automatically assign visitors to a group. To learn more, check our dedicated section Assign visitors to a group automatically with triggers
  • Copy and paste the group code before the Conversations widget snippet in your website's header. The group code can be found at the very top of your group page. 

You can now assign visitors to this group. To learn more, check our dedicated article Assign a visitor to a specific group.

Edit or delete a group of agents 

To edit a group of agents, go to Settings > Groups, click on the group name you want to edit, and make the changes needed following the instructions from the section above. If you want to delete a group, click 🗑 Delete group at the bottom of the group page. 


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