Can I close or delete my Conversations chat widget?

This feature is only available on our Chat Pro plan

Learn how to close your chat widget if needed during a specific and short period of time, or delete it if you do not want to use the chat widget anymore

💡 Good to know
This article explains how to completely remove the chat widget from your website. If you only need to hide your chat widget on specific web pages, check our dedicated article. And if you want to hide the chat widget only when all agents are offline, check our dedicated article.

Close your chat widget

If you need to close your chat widget on your entire website during a specific period of time, we recommend using this easy-to-do and undo technique with triggers: 

  1. Go to Settings > Targeted chats & triggers.
  2. Click + New trigger
  3. In the Trigger ## field, give a relevant name to your trigger and in the Description field, give information about your trigger, such as what it is used for and where it is used.
    This information will help you recognize the trigger among your other triggers.
  4. Choose the conditions of your triggers:
    1. WHEN: Here we want to close the chat widget all the time, choose the Agents are either online or offline option. 
    2. IF: Pick the CURRENT URL condition and choose Contains from the drop-down list. Paste in the field the domain of your website. That way, each page containing at least this part of the link will automatically hide the chat widget.
      💡 Good to know
      Your website/domain link should be the beginning of all the other pages of your website. For example, if your settings page is and your contact page is, then you should enter in the field. 
    3. THEN: In this case, choose the Once per page load and Hide the widget completely options. 
  5. Check the Enable the trigger box if you want to use it right away.
    You can always edit, disable or enable it later from the Targeted chats & triggers page.
  6. Click Save.

Go to your website and check that the chat widget has disappeared from all your website pages. If you want your chat widget to be visible again, simply toggle off the trigger from the Targeted chats & triggers page:


You can reuse this trigger every time you need to close your chat widget for a specific period of time. 

Delete your chat widget

Depending on the way you installed your Conversations chat widget, deleting it will differ: 

Brevo tracker Shopify integration Manually
  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Brevo tracker.
  2. Click Remove widget. 
    ❗️ Important
    This will remove the chat widget from all the websites where the tracker is installed. No conversations or contacts will be lost.
  3. A confirmation window pops up. Click Remove widget.
💡 Good to know
If you want to reinstall the chat widget with the Brevo tracker, go to Settings > Integrations > Brevo tracker and click Add the chat widget to your website(s).

Your chat widget is now deleted from your website but you can still use Conversations to communicate with your customers through your most used communication channels (e.g. Instagram Direct, Facebook Messenger)! 🚀

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