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Subscription forms are essential in any online marketing strategy. To grow your contact database, you need a compelling form in all the right places. The people who subscribe through your subscription forms have read your content, liked what they saw, and want more of the same. They have actively decided to join your contact list, showing engagement and interest in what you have to say. These are the contacts you want to have.

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To get started with Brevo's subscription forms, take a look at our video below ⬇️.

Step 1: Set up your subscription form

  1. Go to Contacts > Forms.
  2. From the Subscription tab, click Create a new subscription form.
  3. Give an internal name to your form.
  4. Enable the Enable GDPR fields option to automatically include the GDPR field and GDPR Declaration blocks in your form. These blocks are important to ensure that your email and SMS marketing practices comply with the GDPR.
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  5. Click Next.

Step 2: Design your subscription form

In the form builder, you will find a pre-made form that can be customized to fit your needs.

On the left side of the builder, you will find two tabs: the Build tab where you can find blocks and fields and the Form design tab where you can find design elements:

Build tab Form design tab

From the Build tab, you'll find the blocks and fields you can drag and drop to design your subscription form.

We'll walk you through each one below, but feel free to pick and choose the ones you want—you don't need to use them all in your form (except for the GDPR field, GDPR Declaration, and Captcha, which we highly recommend you include).


✒️ Title


The Title block allows you to include titles in your subscription form. We recommend you add a prominent title at the top of your subscription form to give information about the form's purpose.

✏️ Text


The Text block allows you to include descriptive text in your subscription form. You can add an engaging introduction and provide more context regarding the form's purpose.

🖼️ Image
forms_image_en-us.jpg The Image block allows you to include images in your subscription form. You can add your brand logo or any other image to make your form visually appealing and more engaging to visitors. 
〰️ Divider


The Divider block allows you to include a horizontal divider in your subscription form. Dividers can help visually organize different sections of your subscription form, making it easier to navigate.

💬 Attribute


The Attribute block allows you to include fields in your subscription form to collect essential information from your new subscribers. The fields available are based on the contact attributes you have created in Brevo, such as email addresses, names, phone numbers, and more.

The form should at least include a field for Email, SMS, or WhatsApp so that you can later communicate with your subscribers.

🎯 Multi-select subscriptions


The Multi-select subscriptions block enables your new subscribers to select their interests or preferences during signup and adds them to corresponding lists.

➡️ To learn more, check our dedicated article Enable your contacts to subscribe or unsubscribe from specific lists using a form (multi-list subscriptions).

🔘 Single choice
forms_single-choice_en-us.jpg forms_single-choice_dropdown_en-us.jpg

The Single choice block allows subscribers to select one option from several available options. Before adding this block to your subscription form, you first need to create a category-type attribute with multiple choices.

These choices can then be displayed in your form using a radio button or dropdown. For example, you could provide them with the option to choose the frequency or language of the newsletters they would like to receive.

💡 Good to know
To customize the text of the "Select one" dropdown menu for the Single choice element, locate <option value="" disabled selected hidden>Select one</option> in the HTML code of your form and replace "Select one" with the desired value.
✅ Checkbox


The Checkbox block allows subscribers to select Yes or No for certain attributes. Before adding this block to your subscription form, you first need to create a Boolean-type attribute. For example, you could add a field asking if they are interested in offers from your commercial partner.
⚖️ GDPR field


The GDPR field block allows subscribers (referred to as data subjects in the GDPR) to use a checkbox to consent to receiving your newsletters and accessing your data privacy policy, which should be linked to the form. You can and should amend the text according to your individual legal requirements.

➡️ To learn more about how to make your subscription form GDPR-compliant, check our dedicated article Guidelines for a GDPR-compliant subscription form.

📜 GDPR Declaration


The GDPR Declaration block notifies subscribers (referred to as data subjects in the GDPR) that you are using Brevo as your marketing tool and that the data they provide in the form will be transferred to Brevo for processing in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You can and should amend the text according to your individual legal requirements.

➡️ To learn more about how to make your subscription form GDPR-compliant, check our dedicated article Guidelines for a GDPR-compliant subscription form.

🤖 Captcha


We strongly recommend using a CAPTCHA confirmation to prevent spambots from adding fake data to your lists. With Brevo, you can choose between Google reCAPTCHA or Cloudflare Turnstile CAPTCHA.

➡️ To learn more, check our dedicated article Add a CAPTCHA to your subscription form.

Mobile view

All of Brevo's forms are designed to be responsive by default.

You can preview how your subscription form will look on a mobile device by toggling the view from desktop to mobile at the top of the editor. Note that you can't edit the mobile view.

Step 3: Select the list(s) where your subscribers will be added

Select the list(s) where you want your new subscribers to be automatically added after they submit your form. You can either select an existing list or create a new one.

Step 4: Manage your subscription confirmation settings

❗️ Important
Double and single confirmations are only available if you have added an email address field to your subscription form. Otherwise, no confirmation will be sent.

Select your subscription confirmation option

You have three options to manage your subscription confirmations:

[Recommended] Double confirmation Simple confirmation No confirmation

With the Double confirmation option, your subscribers will go through a double opt-in process. This means that they will receive an email containing a confirmation link (double opt-in email) after submitting your subscription form. They have to click this link to confirm their subscription and be added to your contact database in Brevo. Otherwise, they won’t be added nor subscribed.

The double opt-in process is useful to verify that the email address is valid and recommended for GDPR compliance.

➡️ To learn more, check our dedicated article Why use a double opt-in subscription form? .

Add a double confirmation to your form

  1. At the Settings step, select Double confirmation email.
  2. Click the Select a template dropdown and select one of the following options:
    1. Select the Default Template Double opt-in confirmation. You can modify the default template from Campaigns > Templates > Email templates.
    2. Or select a custom template you have already created.
      ❗️ Important
      If you want to create your own custom template, make sure you follow the procedure in our dedicated article Create a custom double opt-in (DOI) confirmation template for Brevo subscription forms to include the mandatory fields. Otherwise, your custom template won't be displayed in the dropdown.
  3. Optional: Configure additional settings for your double confirmation:
    Confirmation page after submitting the form

    Enable this option to redirect your subscribers to a specific page, such as a confirmation page or your website homepage, after they submit the form. You can use our default confirmation page or create a custom one and link it.

    Confirmation page after clicking the validation link in the email

    Enable this option to redirect subscribers to a specific page, such as a confirmation page or your website homepage, after they click the subscription confirmation link in the double opt-in email received after submitting your form. You can use our default confirmation page or create a custom one and link it.

    Final Confirmation Email

    Enable this option for subscribers to receive a final confirmation email after they complete the double opt-in process. The default template for the final confirmation email is named Default template - Final Confirmation, and you can modify it under Campaigns > Templates > Email templates.

    💡 Good to know
    The default confirmation pages cannot be updated but will adapt to the language of your subscriber's browser.

How do I know which contacts have been through the double opt-in process?

After you include a double confirmation in your subscription form, a new contact attribute named DOUBLE_OPT-IN will be automatically added to your contact database in Brevo.

Contacts who went through the double opt-in process will have the value Yes within this field. If the contact subscribed with simple or no confirmation, this field value will be No. If the contact was added through a method other than a subscription form, this field will be blank.


Optional: Configure the advanced settings of your subscription form

To configure the advanced settings of your subscription form, click Show advanced settings:

Temporary Emails

Enable this option to reject temporary email addresses created on disposable email address services, such as Yopmail, MyTrashMail, etc. Disposable email addresses tend to bounce after some time and end up negatively impacting your deliverability.

Completed form behavior option

Enable this option to hide your subscription form after it has been submitted. If you don't enable this option, your form will still appear in input mode to your subscribers even after they have filled and submitted it successfully.

💡 Good to know
Even if you enable this option, your form will reappear if they reload the page.

Step 5: Configure the success and error messages

Configure the success and error messages displayed when your subscribers submit your subscription form:


  • Success message: The contact has successfully submitted the form.
  • Invalid user information: The contact has submitted invalid information in the form.
  • Error message: An error occurred when trying to process the form submission.
  • Empty field: A required field has not been completed by the contact.

Step 6: Share your subscription form

You can now share your subscription form through social media, email, QR code, or website. For tips on where to place your subscription form, you can watch our video or use the accordions below ⬇️:

🔗 Share your subscription form's URL on social media or via email

Copy the URL of your subscription form and share it on social media or via email. When someone clicks the link, they will be directed to a webpage that contains your form.

➡️ To learn how to add a link in an email created in the Drag & Drop Editor, check our article Drag & Drop Editor - Part 3: How to use content blocks? (Text & Links, Image, Button, etc.).


💡 Good to know
You can preview the webpage where your subscription form will appear by clicking Preview your form below the URL field.
📸 Share your subscription form's QR code at physical venues

Download the QR code of your subscription form as a PNG file and share it at physical venues where you do business, such as a store or an event. For example, you can print it on business cards or display it on a tablet. Visitors who scan the QR code with their mobile devices will be directly redirected to the form's mobile view.


🌐 Embed your subscription form on your website


Copy the embed code of your subscription form and insert it on your website. There are three types of code you can copy:

  • [Recommended] Iframe: Easy to integrate, this code allows you to embed the form within a page on your website. You can change the height and width of the block.
  • HTML: The HTML code is much more customizable, with Ajax animation for messages.
  • Simple HTML: A simplified version of HTML form code that does not require calling JavaScript.
    💡 Good to know
    Elements that require calling JavaScript, such as CAPTCHA, default confirmation pages, and success and error messages, cannot be included in the simple HTML code.


Many third-party website creation platforms allow you to integrate Brevo subscription forms. For specific instructions on how to embed a subscription form on your website, you can check the following help articles:

We recommend you check your website provider's help center or contact their support team if they're not on the above list.

Step 7: Save your subscription form

That's it! Now, click Done at the bottom of the Share step to make sure your subscription form is saved.

When someone submits your subscription form, they will be added to your contact database in Brevo (unless they go through a double opt-in process, for which they have to click the link in your confirmation email first).

Step 8: View which contacts subscribed through your subscription form

You can access information about the subscribers generated through your subscription form:

From the Forms page

To view how many contacts subscribed through your form, go to Contacts > Forms and look at the Number of subscriptions column:

From the contact details page

To check if a specific contact subscribed through your form by checking their history on their details page:

From the automation event logs

To view and download the events related to form submission, go to Automations > Logs > Event logs and select Forms from the All Events dropdown. Then, click the download icon 📥  to download your events in a .CSV file. Once downloaded, open the file and filter the events based on the name of your subscription form.


🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

If you’re looking for help with a project using Brevo, we can match you with the right certified Brevo expert partner.

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