WooCommerce plugin - Installation and set up


Download the WooCommerce plugin

The Brevo plugin for WooCommerce allows you to manage everything you need for your WooCommerce website marketing within one place: the Brevo platform. Its installation doesn't require any development skills and allows you to:

Before you start

Gather the following information before installation:

  • Your Brevo account credentials, and
  • Your WooCommerce website admin panel access.

Install the plugin

1️⃣ Pre-installation requirements

  1. Whitelist the following domain and IP ranges on your server firewall:

    • Domain: https://plugin.sendinblue.com/integrations/api

    • IP range: to
    • IP range: to
  2. Clear your web browser's cache.
  3. Clear your website's cache.
  4. Optional: If you have encountered a Something went wrong. Please try again. error while trying to install the plugin, uninstall and then reinstall it.

2️⃣ Activate the plugin

  1. Log into your WooCommerce dashboard as an administrator.
  2. In the sidebar menu, go to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Search “Brevo” to find the WooCommerce – Brevo Add-on plugin.
  4. Click Install Now, then Activate.

Alternatively, you can download the plugin file and upload its contents to your server.

3️⃣ Connect your website to Brevo

Now that the plugin is installed, connect your website to Brevo:

  1. In the sidebar menu, go to WooCommerce > Brevo.
  2. Click Connect your account. You are redirected to Brevo. 
  3. Connect to your Brevo account if you were not connected already, or create an account if you do not have one yet. 
  4. Click Allow access to allow WooCommerce to access your Brevo account. The plugin page appears.
  5. Click Activate to start the setup of your plugin.

Congratulations! You have connected Brevo to your WooCommerce account 🎉

Synchronize your contacts

Synchronize your existing contacts and automatically synchronize new contacts to your Brevo account with Contact Synchronization:

  1. From your Brevo account, click the account dropdown > Plugins & Integrations > My integrations.
  2. Select the WooCommerce plugin.
  3. Click Contact Synchronization.
  4. Toggle on the Sync your store contacts to Brevo option. 
  5. A WooCommerce list is created by default when you toggle the option to save your WooCommerce website existing and new contacts. You can always click Select another list to select an existing one or Create a list.
  6. Choose from the drop-down list Subscribe Event after which event your contacts should receive a confirmation email: 
    • Order created: After they created an order on your WooCommerce website and proceeded to checkout, or
    • Order completed: After they complete and pay their order on your WooCommerce website.
  7. Optional: Choose to Display an opt-in field at checkout to give your customers the possibility to subscribe to your marketing emails directly at checkout. Fill in the relevant information: 
    • Optional: Opt-in field label. Enter the label you want to display next to the opt-in checkbox, e.g. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter.
    • Opt-in Checkbox Default Location. Choose where you want the checkbox to be displayed on your checkout page. It can either be under your customers' Billing info, Order info, or your Terms and Conditions.
  8. For the Autoassign store contacts' attributes to Brevo contact attributes box, you can either: 
    • Leave the box checked if you don't want to map your contacts attributes manually, or
    • Uncheck the box to map your WooCommerce attributes with your Brevo attributes manually. Click Map attributes, and from the drop-down list, select the WooCommerce attributes corresponding to the Brevo Contact attributes you want to map. You can map as many attributes as you need. To ignore an attribute, choose Do not import from the drop-down list. Click Save when you are done. 
  9. Click Save to start synchronizing your WooCommerce existing contacts and allow new contacts to be automatically synchronized to your Brevo contact list. woocommerce_toggle-contact-sync_EN-US.gif

Once the synchronization is complete, you will receive an email from Brevo informing you of the synchronization of your existing contacts and the number of imported contacts. Click See the report in the email for more information.


That's it! Your existing contacts have been synchronized to your Brevo account, and new contacts will automatically be synchronized 🚀. You can now also access your orders ⬇️ 

Synchronize your orders 

WooCommerce (v4.0.0) WooCommerce (under v4.0.0)
💡 Good to know
Synchronizing your orders with Brevo automatically enables the behavior tracking of your website visitors. 

To sync your orders with Brevo:

  1. Go back to your WooCommerce integration settings and click Ecommerce Attribute Synchronization.
  2. Enable the sync of e-commerce attributes. Your eCommerce data will automatically be synced with your Brevo account and you can follow the sync status.
  3. Click View Ecommerce Analytics to access your eCommerce dashboard where you can analyze your revenue, product, and retention performances for example. To learn more, check our dedicated section in the Help Center. woocommerce_update-plugin_EN-US.gif

Manage your contacts' opt-in process

❗️ Important
You must enable Contact synchronization to access this feature.

To manage your subscription settings:

  1. From your Brevo account, click the account dropdown > Plugins & Integrations > My integrations to access the settings of your WooCommerce integration.
  2. Click Subscription Confirmation.
  3. Toggle on the Use Brevo subscription confirmation to manage opt-in settings option. 
  4. Choose how your contacts' subscription will be confirmed to them after they submit the subscription form:
    [Recommended] Double confirmation emailSimple confirmation email

    We highly recommend using a double confirmation email to comply with GDPR. After submitting the subscription form, your contacts receive an email containing a double opt-in link. They will be added to your list of WooCommerce contacts only after clicking this double opt-in link. 

    1. Select from the drop-down list the double opt-in confirmation email template you want to send to your contacts when they submit the subscription form. You can choose either: 
    2. Optional: You can redirect your contacts to a specific website page or a landing page after they click the double opt-in link. Just paste the URL to this specific website page or landing page in the field. 
    3. Optional: You can send a final confirmation email to your contacts after they click the double opt-in link. You can choose either: 
  5. Click Save to confirm your subscription confirmation settings. 

Your contacts' opt-in process is now set up! 🚀 Each contact will be informed of their subscription to your marketing emails. 

Track your visitors' actions

Behavior tracking enables you to track, through Brevo, all of the pages on your website visited by your contacts. Once identified, contacts will be automatically added on Brevo and can be entered into your Marketing Automation workflows.

WooCommerce (v4.0.0) WooCommerce (under v4.0.0)

If you are using our latest version of the WooCommerce plugin (v4.0.0), behavior tracking is automatically enabled when synchronizing your orders with Brevo. 

Access your visitors' tracking logs from your Brevo account under Automation > Logs > Event logs:

  • Page: when a contact visits a page on your website,
  • Identify: when contact is identified on your website,
  • Track events: when a contact adds an item to their cart, empties it or makes a purchase.

The plugin will automatically pass 3 track events that can be used to create abandoned carts or post-purchase automation workflows:

  • cart_updated is passed when an item is added to a cart.
  • cart_deleted is passed when a cart is emptied.
  • order_completed is passed when the order has been made.
💡 Good to know
A customer has to be identified by their email address to trigger a workflow, e.g., a customer who has logged into their account on your WooCommerce website or input their email address during checkout.


Create automations

❗️ Important
You have to enable the synchronization of your orders to access this feature.

With Marketing Automation, turn your manual and repetitive tasks into automated processes that will run in the background while you focus on more significant projects by building automations that will automatically perform actions based on behavior and data. A marketing automation workflow is a series of automated actions (sending emails or SMS, updating a contact attribute, moving a contact to a new list, etc.) that are triggered by certain conditions or actions taken by your website visitors. For example, you could create an automation to automatically send a welcome message when a new contact signs up on your site.

To create an automation for your WooCommerce website:

  1. From your Brevo account, click the account dropdown > Plugins & Integrations > My integrations to access the settings of your WooCommerce integration.
  2. Click Marketing Automation.
  3. Choose which Workflow type you want to create. 
  4. Give a relevant name to your automation that will help you remember what it is used for.
  5. Optional: Check the Allow your contacts to enter the workflow more than once
    💡 Good to know
    For some automations, such as a Welcome Message, you do not want your contacts to repeat the workflow several times as they should receive the welcome email only once, even if they subscribe several times using the same sign-up form. But for some other workflows, such as a Re-engagement or Order confirmation workflow, you might want to send a new re-engagement to contacts who re-engaged with your content but then became inactive again, or an order confirmation email to contacts who bought another product on your website.
  6. Click Start automating. You are redirected to the Automations tab of Brevo. 
  7. Create your automation as you would normally. Use the WooCommerce contact list and attributes to target your WooCommerce contacts.

Send transactional emails

Transactional emails result from a user’s action or request on a website (new order, new account, failed order, etc). Use Brevo to send your transactional emails and choose if you want to use your Brevo or WooCommerce template for each event individually. Enabling Brevo to send your WooCommerce transactional emails will improve your emails deliverability and track statistics as Brevo uses the SMTP protocol to send emails, and you can use Brevo dedicated IPs and authenticate your domain to improve deliverability.

To manage your transactional emails options:

  1. From your Brevo account, click the account dropdown > Plugins & Integrations > My integrations to access the settings of your WooCommerce integration.
  2. Click Email Options.
  3. Toggle on the Enable Brevo to send WooCommerce emails option.
    💡 Good to know
    If this option stays disabled, your customers will receive your default WooCommerce email templates, or the ones you customized on WooCommerce. 
  4. Select which event will trigger the sending of transactional emails to your customers. 
  5. Select if you want to use WooCommerce default templates or your Brevo templates to send your transactional emails: 
    • If you select WooCommerce, your customers will continue receiving your default WooCommerce email templates which you can edit. To learn more, check our dedicated section Default WooCommerce email templates. But we will send your WooCommerce emails through the Brevo SMTP server to optimize their delivery.
    • If you select Brevo, select which template you want to use for each type of email. You can either choose a default Brevo email template or a custom email template. You can edit the default email templates from Campaigns > Templates > Email templates
      To learn more on how to create custom email template, check our dedicated article Create an email template.
      💡 Good to know
      By default, if you do not select an event, your customers will receive your default WooCommerce email templates, or the ones you customized on WooCommerce. 
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each event. You can either choose the email sender for your transactional emails or use the Brevo SMTP server to optimize their delivery.
  7. Click Save when you are done to confirm your transaction email settings. 

You are now using Brevo to send your transactional emails to your WooCommerce customers! 🚀 

Customize your WooCommerce and Brevo email templates

As explained in the above section, you can either choose to send a default WooCommerce email template or a Brevo email template. Learn how to customize each of them:

WooCommerce email template Brevo email template

To customize some of the settings of your default WooCommerce email templates:

  1. In the sidebar menu, go to WooCommerce > Settings.
  2. Go to the Emails tab.
  3. At the bottom of the Emails tab, manage the general settings of your email templates:
    • Header image,
    • Footer text,
    • Base color, etc.
  4. Click Manage next to an email template to manage its settings:
    • Recipient(s) (only for New order, Cancelled order, and Failed order),
    • Subject,
    • Email heading, etc.
  5. Click Save changes to confirm your WooCommerce default email template settings.

Send Transactional SMS and SMS Campaigns

Transactional SMS SMS Campaigns

Transactional SMS results from a user’s action or request on a website (new order or order shipment). You can use Brevo to send your transactional SMS and personalize them. To manage your transactional SMS options:

  1. From your Brevo account, click the account dropdown > Plugins & Integrations > My integrations to access the settings of your WooCommerce integration.
  2. Click SMS Options.
  3. Toggle on the Use Brevo SMS Options to send SMS to customers after order confirmation and shipment option.
    💡 Good to know
    If this option stays disabled, your customers will receive your default WooCommerce SMS templates, or the ones you customized on WooCommerce. 
  4. Choose for which event you want to use Brevo to send transactional SMS: 
    • Order Confirmation
      Your customers will receive an SMS when their order is confirmed by your server.
    • and/or Order Shipment
      Your customers will receive an SMS when their order is shipped by your company. 
  5. Customize your SMS: 
    • Sender: Enter the name of the transactional SMS sender (max 15 characters). We recommend entering the name of your company for your customers to recognize your 
    • Message: Write the content of your transactional SMS (max 160 characters). You can also personalize your SMS using pre-defined variables such as {first_name} for your customer's first name.
    • Send a test SMS: Send a test SMS to check the display of your transactional SMS.
      ❗️ Important
      Sending a test SMS will be deducted from your SMS credits. 
  6. Click Save when you are done to confirm your transaction email settings. 

Chat with your customers

Brevo Conversations lets you connect with your leads and customers in real time on your website and from other communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and more. The Conversations app offers features such as a chatbot, targeted chats, mobile apps, or saved replies to help you sell more online and improve your support satisfaction rate. To discover the Conversations app and learn how to install the chat widget on your WooCommerce website, check our dedicated article Conversations: Change the way you communicate with your customers.


Monitor your statistics

To review your transactional emails and SMS reports, go to Transactional > Email > Statistics and Transactional > SMS > Statistics from your Brevo account. You will be able to see if your customers received, opened, and clicked your emails or SMS. You can also adjust the period to review a specific timeframe only.


Troubleshoot issues with the WooCommerce plugin

My visitors are not tracked on my website

Your visitors are not identified by the Brevo tracker

When someone visits a website that contains the Brevo tracker, the tracker will automatically add a cookie to their browser. The tracker must then identify the contact.

A contact can be identified if:

  • They create an account on the website
  • They submit a Brevo form on the website
  • They open a transactional email or click a link in a transactional email sent from the Brevo account

Even if the contact entered an email address during checkout, if they are not identified by one of the three ways mentioned above, they will not enter the workflow.

My email doesn't populate with the data of my customers

You are using the wrong placeholder format

If you create an email template and personalize it with placeholders for order or abandoned cart data, your email will be populated with the data of your customers at the time of sending. If it is not, you may have added the wrong placeholders in your email:

My abandoned cart workflow doesn't work

You are using the wrong track event in the workflow

For your abandoned cart workflow to work correctly, make sure you are using the right track event at the right step:

  • The abandoned cart workflow is triggered by the cart_updated track event, which is generated when a product is added to a cart.
  • The abandoned cart workflow ends with the order_completed track event, which is generated when a product is purchased.
  • The abandoned cart workflow also ends with the cart_deleted track event, which is generated when a product is removed from a cart.

For more information on the abandoned cart workflow, check our dedicated article Abandoned Cart - Part 2: Set up an Abandoned Cart workflow.

My order confirmation workflow doesn't work

For your order confirmation workflow to work correctly, make sure you are using the right track event to trigger the email sending: order_completed.

For more information on the order confirmation workflow, check our dedicated article: Order confirmation - Part 2: Set up an order confirmation workflow.

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