Create an email template

An email template is a pre-configured and pre-designed email that you can use for recurring email communications such as anniversaries, welcome or abandoned cart emails, or monthly newsletters. It simplifies the process of creating email campaigns or setting up the Send an email action in automations, ensuring consistent structure and saving time. 

Before you start

⚙️ Set up your email template settings

Set up the sending settings for your email template. They will be applied every time the email template is used as a transactional email or in an automation. If you use the email template to send an email campaign, only the template design will be reused.

To create and set up an email template:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Templates > Email templates and click New Template.
  2. Enter a Template name to easily find and recognize it in your email template list. This name will only be visible to you.
  3. In the Subject Line field, clearly describe your email content in a few words. The subject line is the first content that your recipients will see in their inbox.
  4. In the Preview text field, type a short and attractive text that gives an overview of the content of your email. It will be displayed in your recipients' inbox, just below the subject line. This feature is supported by most email clients.
  5. Select in the From Email drop-down list the sender email address from which you want your recipients to receive your email. By default, the sender email address will be the one used for your Brevo account. To create a new sender for your campaign, click + Add a new sender.
  6. In the From Name field, type in the name you want to display in your recipients' inbox that will help them identify your company.
    💡 Good to know
    You can personalize your Subject line, Preview text and From name with contact attributes. To learn more, check our dedicated section in Personalize your emails using contact attributes.
  7. Optional: Click Show Advanced Options to set them up:
    Show Advanced Options
  8. Click Next Step to design your template.

🧑‍🎨 Design your email template

Once you have set up your email template settings, you can start designing it: 

  1. Search for the email template design you need in the different tabs.
  2. Hover your mouse over each template and click the magnifying glass icon to see what they look like. To learn more about the different tabs and design options, check our dedicated section in Create an email campaign
  3. Click the email template design you want to open it in the Drag & Drop editor where you will be able to customize it by dragging and dropping content blocks, such as text, images, or buttons. To learn more on how to use the Drag & Drop Editor, check our dedicated section in the Help Center. 
  4. Once you are done designing your email template, click Save & Quit from the Drag & Drop Editor. 

Your email template is configured and designed. It is now time to test and activate your email template to be able to use it in your email campaigns or automations ⬇️. 

✅ Save and activate your email template

We highly recommend you preview and test your email template before activating it. This will allow you to review your email template and have an idea of what it will look like in your recipients' inboxes and spot possible errors before sending it:

  1. Preview your campaign directly in Brevo and use the Desktop 🖥  and mobile📱icons to switch from one view to the other.
  2. Click Send a test to receive the email template in your inbox or the ones of your colleagues.
  3. When you are done, click:
    • Save & Quit to save it in your list of email templates as Inactive.
    • Save & Activate to save your email template and activate it to use in your email communications. 

❓Where can I find and use my email templates? 

The email templates will be available:

To learn more, check our dedicated article Where can I use my email template? (Campaigns, Automation & Transactional).

⏩ What's next?

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