Overview of the contact details page

The contact details page includes the essential details of a contact, such as their first and last name, email address, phone number, email statistics, transaction history, and recent activities. It is the first page that you will see after you have created a contact.

This page also provides actionable buttons for quick actions such as creating transactions, sending emails, and planning meetings.


Below is a comprehensive breakdown of each section found on the details page ⬇️

👤 Header

In the header section, you will find:

  • Contact name and date of import
    View the name of your contact and when they were added to your Brevo account. Learn more about adding contacts to Brevo.
  • Previous and next contact details pages
    Move from a contact details page to another.
ℹ️ Information

In the Information section, you can view and manage your contact attributes. These attributes are the information that you are storing about the contact and that you can use to personalize your communications with them. Learn more about how to manage contact attributes.

📫 Subscriptions

In the Subscriptions section, you can view and manage the subscription status of your contacts. Using the dropdowns, you can manually subscribe or blocklist them from:

  • Email campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
  • WhatsApp campaigns
  • Transactional emails
  • Transactional SMS
  • Web push campaigns

Learn how to manage the subscription status of your contacts.

🤝 Associated companies and deals
In the Associated contacts and Associated deals sections, you will find the companies the contact works in and the deals they are involved in. You can easily remove or add companies and deals to the contact by clicking the edit icon ✍️.
📂 Lists
In the Lists section, you will find the folders and lists the contact has been added to. You can easily remove them from a list by hovering over a list and clicking the cross icon or moving them from a list to another by clicking the edit icon ✍️.
💼 Quick actions

Below the header of the contact details page, you will find actionable buttons for quick actions:

  • Note
    Add notes about meetings or calls to keep a record of your interactions with the contact.
  • Email
    Send an email to your contact. 
    ❗️ Important
    Connect your mailbox to Conversations to compose an email from the contact details page.
  • Call
    Call a contact on their landline, SMS, or Whatsapp number.
  • Task
    Create a new task to keep a complete history of your communications with your contact.
  • More > Meeting
    Plan an in-person or remote meeting with a contact.
  • More > Deal
    Create a new deal to keep track of any opportunity to sell your services or your products to your contact.
  • More > File
    Add files, such as a quote or an invoice, to organize your documents related to the contact.
  • More > Delete permanently
    This button allows you to permanently remove the contact from your Brevo account. This action is irreversible and all data will be permanently lost (attributes, history, etc.). Learn more about deleting contacts in Brevo.
👀 Overview

In the Overview section of the contact details page, you will find:

  • Quick statistics
    View statistics related to the email campaigns sent to the contact. Learn more about how to send an email campaign.
  • Transactions or E-commerce
    • Transactions
      View your number of transactions, your transactional attributes, and manually create new transactions related to the contact.
    • E-commerce
      View your number of orders and products, the revenue amount, and the date of the last order related to the contact. 
      💡 Good to know
      The E-commerce section replaces the Transactions section if you have enabled the eCommerce dashboard
🔎 History

In the History section of the contact details page, you will find all activities linked to the contact: campaigns, deals, transactions, meetings, phone calls, etc. You can filter the activities by switching from one tab to another (All, Marketing, 1-to-1 Interactions, Contact updates).

💡 Good to know
The Revenue tab is only visible if you have enabled the eCommerce dashboard

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