Overview of the Contacts page

The Contacts page encompasses your contact database and allows you to quickly access the essential details of your contacts, such as their first and last name, email address, phone number, subscription statuses, etc.

This page also facilitates various actions on your contacts, such as importing and creating contacts, searching within specific lists or segments, using search criteria, or performing bulk actions.


Below is a comprehensive breakdown of each section found on the Contacts page ⬇️

👤 Contact creation and import

The contact creation and import buttons allow you to:

👥 Saved lists and segments


Search through your whole contact database or click Load a list or a segment to search within a specific list or segment.

✂️ Create a segment


Use one of our pre-defined segments by clicking Use segment template, or create new segments of contacts and save them directly from the Contacts page by clicking Add filter. You can then use these saved segments to send email campaigns and manage your contacts.

To learn more about segments, check our dedicated articles About segments, Create a segment to filter your contacts, and Segment your contacts using a pre-defined segment.

📃 Contact list


Your contact list allows you to:

  • View your contacts: have an overview of your contacts' information and access their details page by clicking on their information in the CONTACT column.
    💡 Good to know

    By default, the CONTACT column showcases the contact's name. Yet, in cases where no name is registered in their information, we will instead display their email address, phone number, WhatsApp number, or Landline number in that sequence.

  • Select your contacts:
    • To select multiple individual contacts, select the checkboxes next to the contacts.
    • To select the contacts on your current page, select the checkbox at the top left of the table.
    • To select all the contacts on your current list or database, select the checkbox at the top left of the table and click Select all contacts.
  • Search for contacts by Name, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, or Landline number: do a quick search by email by typing the information (or a part of it) of the contact(s) you're searching for.
  • Edit the contact listing columns: choose which attributes you want to display in your contact listing and in which order.
  • Perform actions on your contacts: add or move them to another list, blocklist them, edit their details, export them as a CSV file, or delete them permanently.
🥷 Anonymous contacts

The anonymous contacts section allows you to view your number of anonymous Conversations and Push contacts, add them to a list, or delete them permanently. To learn more about anonymous contacts, check our dedicated article About anonymous contacts.

FAQs - Missing features

Can I still access my previously saved filters and dynamic lists?

The Contacts page comes with a new segmentation feature: Segments. This feature is an improved version of the deprecated Advanced Search and Segmentation and Dynamic List features available on the previous version of the Contacts page.

Note that you can still access your previously saved filters and dynamic lists:

  • Your saved filters are available from Contacts > Segments under the Archived Filters category.
  • Your saved dynamic lists are available from Contacts > Segments under the Dynamic Lists Filters category.

To learn more about your previously saved filters and dynamic lists and how to use them in the new contact listing, check our dedicated article Can I still use my previously saved filters and dynamic lists?.

Can I generate random samples of contacts?

Random sampling has been deprecated and is not available anymore.

Can I delete duplicate contacts?

The option to delete duplicate contacts directly from the Contacts page will be available soon.

For now, you can delete duplicate contacts by going to the Lists page, clicking Actions > List settings next to the list the duplicate contacts are in, and selecting either:

  • Delete contacts in this list from other lists, or
  • Delete contacts that exist in other lists from this list.

Can I delete an attribute for several contacts at once?

The option to delete an attribute for several contacts at once will be available soon.

⏭️ What's next?

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