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Insert videos in my email campaign

Use our Video content block to easily insert a video link into your email campaigns. 

Before you start

  • Most email clients don't support video files, the video will thus not be embedded and cannot be played directly in the email itself. When clicking the video thumbnail, your recipients will be redirected to the video-sharing platform where the video is hosted. 
  • Your video thumbnail will be automatically retrieved to let your recipients have an image preview of the video. You can always replace the thumbnail with an image of your choice. 
  • For your video to be accessible to your recipients, its privacy settings (visibility) have to be set to Public.
  • The following video-sharing platforms are supported in the video content block:
    • Youtube
    • Dailymotion
    • Vimeo
    • Google Drive
    • Instagram
    • TikTok

To learn how to insert a video link from a non-supported video-sharing platform, check our dedicated section.

🎥 Insert a video link into your email campaigns with the Video content block

  1. From your email campaign design, drag and drop the Video content block.
  2. Hover over the Video content block and click it.
  3. In the Video URL field, paste the link to your video. 
    Your video thumbnail is automatically retrieved from the video-sharing platform, except for Google Drive.
  4. Optional: Edit your Video content block settings.
    You can replace the thumbnail, and change the play button design for example.

When they receive your email campaign, your recipients can simply click the video and a new browser window will open to display the video on the video-sharing platform on which it is hosted. 

Edit your Video content block settings 

From your Video content block settings, you can replace the thumbnail, edit the link, and the play button design for example.

Click the Video content block to open its settings and edit them:

🏞️ Replace the video thumbnail

Click Replace to replace your thumbnail with an image from your content library. You can upload images or create your own directly from the content library. 


🔗 Edit the video URL or Alt text

In the Video URL or Alt text fields, replace the current URL or alt text with the new one. 


🎨 Edit the play button design

You can choose to display or not the play button on the thumbnail. We recommend displaying a play button on the thumbnail to let recipients know that it is a video. 

You can choose between different design styles for the play button: 


↔️ Edit the Video block settings and spacing

In Video settings, under the thumbnail, edit the content block width and add rounded corners.


In the Block Settings accordion, edit the Video alignment. You can also add Spacing around the block to create space between the Video content block and other content blocks, or add borders:


🔗 Insert a video link from a non-supported video-sharing platform

  1. Take a screenshot of the video you want to insert and add a player button in the middle to make it look like a Youtube thumbnail.
    You can even create a gif to make it more interactive.
  2. Use the Image block to insert the screenshot in your newsletter.
  3. To add the link to the screenshot, click on the picture. A small options box pops up at the bottom.
    Click the Add link logo.
    A window opens.


  4. Fill in the information regarding the:
    • Type of link is the Absolute link (URL)
    • Link target is the link of your video
    • Link title is the word you want to display when hovering the picture.
  5. Click Insert.

Once your customers receive the newsletter, they just have to click on the picture and the video will launch from the YouTube platform.

⏭️ What's next? 

🤔 Have a question?

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