Track Conversations events in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

Tracking key events in Google Analytics is an important step to measure your website performance. You can use Google Tag Manager to track your chat widget events in Google Analytics. When a visitor performs an action related to an interaction with your Conversations chat widget, the data is pushed to your Google Analytics account. You can track a large variety of events and access your Conversations events live in Google Analytics. 

Before you start 

❓Which Conversations events can I track?

💡 Good to know
Events not initiated by visitors have a non-interaction flag. Google Analytics doesn't count these events when calculating the bounce rate in statistics.
Event name Description
Сhat initiated by visitor A visitor initiated the chat by sending a message
Сhat initiated by agent non-interaction event
An agent initiated the chat by writing a message in the existing conversation after a period of inactivity
Chat accepted by agent

non-interaction event
An agent replied to a new chat from a visitor

Chat rated A visitor rated the conversation
Targeted chat shown

non-interaction event
A chat window was shown to a visitor (according to the “Targeted chats & triggers” settings)

Targeted chat accepted by visitor A visitor replied to the chat initiated by a trigger
Targeted chat rejected by visitor A visitor closed the chat initiated by a trigger
Pre-chat form shown

non-interaction event
Contact form was shown to a visitor

Pre-chat form submitted Contact form was submitted by a visitor
Bot scenario shown

non-interaction event
Chatbot scenario was shown to a visitor

Bot scenario started by visitor A visitor started a chatbot scenario
Bot reply option clicked A visitor clicked on a reply option in a chatbot scenario

⚙️ Set up Conversations events in Google Tag Manager

💡 Good to know

If the Google Analytics tracker is already installed on your website, the Conversations chat widget automatically sends events to Google Analytics without any additional configuration. However, if you installed Google Analytics 4 via Google Tag Manager, it requires additional tags to be configured ⬇️. 

  1. In the Google Tag Manager dashboard, click Add a new tag.Screenshot
  2. Optional: If you haven't connected Google Tag Manager with your Google Analytics account:
    1. Name your tag, e.g. Google Analytics Conversations.
    2. Click Tag Configuration and choose Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration.
    3. Paste your Measurement ID. To learn how to retrieve your Measurement ID, check Google Analytics help article
    4. Click Triggering and choose a trigger, e.g., All Pages.
    5. Click Save in the top right corner.
  3. Google Tag Manager is connected to your Google Analytics account. You now need to configure the Conversations events tag:
    1. Click Add a new tag.
    2. Name the tag, e.g. Conversations GA Events.
    3. Click Tag Configuration and choose Google Analytics: GA4 Event.
    4. From the Configuration Tag drop-down, choose the tag that allowed you to connect Google Tag Manager to your Google Analytics account, in our example Google Analytics Conversations.
    5. In the Event name field, enter {{Event}}.
    6. Click Triggering.
    7. In the Choose a trigger window, click the + (plus) sign to create a new trigger.Screenshot
  4. Configure the trigger parameters:
    1. Name the trigger, e.g. Conversation Events, and click Trigger Configuration.
    2. In the Other section of the Choose trigger type window, choose Custom Event.
    3. In the Event name field, paste the following text to create the Conversations event triggers:
      Сhat initiated by visitor|Сhat initiated by agent|Chat accepted by agent|Chat rated|Targeted chat shown|Targeted chat accepted by visitor|Targeted chat rejected by visitor|Pre-chat form shown|Pre-chat form submitted|Bot scenario shown|Bot scenario started by visitor|Bot reply option clicked
    4. Check Use regex matching.
    5. Click Save to save your trigger. 
  5. Click Save again to save the tag.
  6. Click Submit to push changes and complete the installation.
    You should see the Conversations events in the Google Analytics 4 dashboard.
❗️ Important

If there are several Google Analytics trackers on your website, the Conversations widget will send events to the first tracker found. To send events to a specific tracker, paste the following code before the Conversations main widget code and replace G-ABC1234567 with your Measurement ID:

    window.BrevoConversationsSetup = {
        gaTrackingId: 'G-ABC1234567'

<!-- Brevo Conversations widget code →

🧐 Track Conversations events in Google Analytics 

To check your event reports, go to your Google Analytics account and go to Reports > Engagement > Events.

💡 Good to know
It might take up to 48 hours for the data to appear in Google Analytics Reports. To confirm you are collecting data, you can use the Realtime and DebugView reports.


🔁 Mark Conversations tracked events as conversions 

You can mark important user interactions with the Conversations chat widget as conversion events to help measure conversion.

Google Analytics Google Ads

💾 Existing events

  1. From your Google Analytics dashboard, go to Admin.
  2. In the Property column, click Events.
  3. Toggle the switch next to the name of the Conversations event you want to mark as conversion in the Mark as conversion column .

🆕 New events

You can also configure new events as conversions before an event appears in Analytics:

  1. From your Google Analytics dashboard, go to Admin.
  2. In the Property column, click Events.
  3. Click Create event.
  4. Click Create and give a name to the custom event conversion, e.g. Chat_rated.
  5. In Matching conditions, ensure that the parameter event_name is set to equals.
  6. In the Value field, add the name of any Conversations you want to mark as conversion, here Chat rated. Check the list of trackable Conversations events to choose the events you want to mark as conversions.
  7. Click Create to save the changes.Screenshot
  8. Go back to Admin and click Conversions
  9. Click New conversion.
  10. In the New event name field, enter the name of the event you created in step 2, e.g. Chat_rated.
  11. Click Save.Screenshot

Congratulations! 🎉 Your conversion is created. You can now analyze the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. You can create conversions with other chat events. To learn more about the different Conversations trackable events, check our dedicated section Which Conversations events can I track?.

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