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Reply to WhatsApp messages with Conversations

This feature is only available on our Chat Pro plan

You can receive and answer your customers' WhatsApp messages in real-time with the Conversations app that gathers all your messages from your different communication platforms (Chat widget, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct). To learn more about the Conversations app, check our dedicated section in the Help Center. 

Good to know

  • Conversations is not a community management tool: It allows you to manage your private messages and provide support to your customers.
  • You can use the Saved replies, Agents, and Groups features from Conversations for WhatsApp messages. 
  • The Conversations features below are not available for WhatsApp in Conversations: 
  • We recommend that you use the Conversations mobile app (for Android or Apple/iOS) to never miss a message from your customers and reply to them on the go. To learn more about the Conversations mobile app, check our dedicated article.

Before you start

💰 How does WhatsApp in Conversations work and how will I be charged?

After linking and verifying your WhatsApp Business Account, you can receive and answer your customer's WhatsApp messages in Conversations.

Once a customer sends a WhatsApp message to your business, you receive a notification in the Conversations app. A 24-hour messaging window opens and you will be charged the rate of one WhatsApp message as soon as you reply to the message.

The 24-hour messaging window is imposed by WhatsApp to answer your customers' WhatsApp messages: as long as it has been less than 24 hours since your customers last messaged you, you can respond in Conversations with no limit. If you do not respond to your customer's message within this 24-hour messaging window, it will be closed and you won't be charged. However, to be able to reply to them after this limit, you will have to use a WhatsApp template specifically created to reply to WhatsApp conversations and will be charged the rate of one WhatsApp message.

You will be charged the rate of one WhatsApp message for each 24-hour messaging window and sent WhatsApp template. Charges for conversations are based on the contact's phone number. Rates will vary by country or region.

💡 Good to know

Pay as you go or purchase a monthly plan and get 1,000 messages for free on your first purchase. Note that this is a one-time offer that cannot be renewed. 

💬 Reply to WhatsApp messages after the 24-hour messaging window

To be able to reply to your customers' WhatsApp messages after the 24-hour messaging window, Conversations allows you to create WhatsApp templates that can be used for this specific situation.

❗️ Important
WhatsApp templates created from the WhatsApp template listing page cannot be used to reply to WhatsApp messages after the 24-hour messaging window. Only WhatsApp templates created from Conversations and approved by Meta can be used to reply after the 24-hour messaging window.

Creating WhatsApp templates for Conversations saves you time, as they will already be approved by Meta and can be used directly from Conversations. To create a WhatsApp template for Conversations and reply to your customers' WhatsApp messages:

  1. Go to Conversations.
  2. Access one of your customer's WhatsApp messages and click Restart the conversation
  3. From the WhatsApp template drop-down list, click Create a template
  4. The WhatsApp template creation page opens in a new tab. Set up, design, and send your WhatsApp template for approval
    💡 Good to know
    Create a WhatsApp template for each type of reply you usually type in your WhatsApp conversations such as a template to restart a conversation about customers' tickets or order information.
  5. Once your WhatsApp template is validated by Meta, go back to Conversations and refresh the page or click Restart the conversation from a WhatsApp conversation. 
  6. From the WhatsApp template drop-down list, select the WhatsApp template you've just created for Conversations. 
  7. Click Send WhatsApp template

Congratulations! 🎉 You've replied to your customer's WhatsApp message. You can now wait for them to reply to start a new 24-hour messaging window. 

👀 Recognize WhatsApp messages in Conversations

There are three ways of recognizing a WhatsApp message in Conversations:

  1. WhatsApp logo next to the sender name.
  2. WhatsApp logo next to the time the message was sent.
  3. WhatsApp logo and page name under the Channel section. conversations_whatsapp_EN-US.png

You can easily know if your customer received and viewed your message by looking at your message display:

  • Not seen 
    You will know that your customer received your message if a tick displays for a few seconds next to your name above the message you sent. When the message has been received but not read yet, the message block is grey and the mention (not seen) displays.
  • Seen
    Once your customer read your message, the message block becomes white, and the mention (seen) displays for a few seconds before disappearing. 

⏭ What's next? 

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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