Install the chat widget on your WordPress or WooCommerce website(s) with the Brevo tracker

The Brevo tracker allows you to inject the Conversations' chat widget code snippet easily on your website without any technical intervention.

💡 Good to know
If you already installed the Brevo tracker on your WordPress or WooCommerce website, enjoy a one-click installation of your Conversations chat widget! Make sure your Marketing Automation script is activated and directly follow the steps from Part 3: Install the Conversations chat widget

Before you start

  • Connect to your Brevo and WordPress or WooCommerce accounts.
  • Gather the following information before installation:
    • Your Brevo account credentials
    • Your API v3 key for WordPress users
    • Your WordPress or WooCommerce website admin access

⚙️ Part 1: Install the Brevo plugin

1️⃣ Download the plugin

WordPress  WooCommerce 
  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard as an administrator.
  2. In the sidebar menu, go to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Search “Brevo” to find the Newsletter, SMTP, Email marketing and Subscribe forms by Brevo plugin.
  4. Click Install Now, then Activate.

Once installed, the Brevo tab will appear at the bottom of your WordPress sidebar menu.

2️⃣ Connect your website to Brevo

Now that the plugin is installed, connect your website to Brevo:

WordPress   WooCommerce  
  1. In the sidebar menu, go to Brevo > Home.
  2. In the Access Key field, enter your API v3 key. Follow these instructions to find your API key in your Brevo account.
  3. Click Login.

Congratulations! You have connected your online store account to Brevo! 🎉

✅ Part 2: Activate the Brevo tracker

Once the plugin has been downloaded and connected to your Brevo account, you need to activate the Marketing Automation script that contains the Brevo tracker.

1️⃣ Activate the tracker

💡 Good to know
The Marketing Automation script contains the Brevo tracker. It was initially created to help you automate repetitive tasks but can now be used for several purposes such as tracking your visitors' activity or identifying contacts which are critical features to the proper functioning of the Conversations app.

WordPress WooCommerce

To activate the Brevo tracker:

  1. Go to the Brevo plugin on WordPress.
  2. From the Automation section, select Yes to Activate Marketing Automation through Brevo.
  3. Click Activate.wordpress_activate-marketing-automation_EN-US.png

2️⃣ Verify the tracker is working 

You can now verify if everything is fine:

  1. Back in Brevo, go to Automations > Settings > Tracking code
  2. Select Plugins.
  3. Visit your website to provide sample data and confirm the tracking is working correctly.
  4. Click Verify at the bottom of the page.

You are now ready to install the Conversations chat widget in one click! Go back to Conversations > Settings > Chat widget and follow the last step👇.

💬 Part 3: Install the Conversations' chat widget

  1. Go back to Conversations > Settings > Chat widget.
  2. Set up your chat widget and profile settings.
    To learn more about the customization of your chat widget or profile, check our dedicated articles Customize your chat widget appearance and Customize your chat operator profile.
  3. Click Add the chat widget to your website(s).


❗️ Important
The Conversations chat widget is automatically installed on all the websites on which you installed the Brevo tracker, regardless of the CMS used. If you wish to install Conversations on only one or some of your websites, use triggers to hide the chat widget on the other websites. To learn more, check our dedicated article Hide the chat widget on specific website pages.

You can now use the features that Conversations offer for the chat widget and start talking with your website visitors in real time! 

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